My Last Conversation. (Oct. 7th, 2021)

Last night at 11pm, I walked with my boyfriend to Dimmit where he lives. As we were walking up the steep hill, he said to me “You walk slow.” I do have small strides and short legs that make me walk slower.

I looked at him and said, “Why do I need to walk fast? I’m not in any rush.” Then we got into his room and all his friends were in there, so I left. There is not enough room for eight people in a dorm room.

1 thought on “My Last Conversation. (Oct. 7th, 2021)

  1. fuglsang

    OK on dialogue. We will continue to work on getting description into your articles. What was the weather like as you walked? Did your shoes make sounds on the sidewalk? What was the BF wearing?

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