Is it News? (Oct 7th, 2021)

Caroline Matthews and Connor McCarthy had the perfect wedding after meeting at Stanford. They went on a retreat in the Himalayas and fell in love. The two started a business together to help children get an education. Sounds like the perfect couple.

Love stories are written much differently than other news stories. The tone is much more calm and and even hopeful. I enjoy reading love stories. However, this love story is not news. Although it might strike emotion in many, it is not relatable. Not many people go to Stanford. I also believe not many people go on Buddhist retreats. And to be completely honest, I don’t think it’s a good idea to work with your spouse. I read this and thought aww that was sweet but it does not aspire any real benefit to me.

1 thought on “Is it News? (Oct 7th, 2021)

  1. fuglsang

    Good question. This was in the NYT’s wedding section. The Times does not cover just anyone’s marriage. You have to BE someone. That makes the stories much less relatable, and much more promotional. Take our reaction a bit farther. Analyze your thoughts.

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