Covid at College

The first year since Covid was announced has come to an end. The year of 2020 was unlike any year college students have seen. A sophomore from Morningside University, Zach Norton, recalls his year dealing with Covid.

Covid affected Norton as soon as his first football game of the year.

“I missed my first two games as a Morningside football player, because I had to go home and quarantine,” said Norton.

Norton also mentioned the traveling team became a lot smaller due to social distancing. Less people were able to suit up for games making it more challenging for the players to have a spot on the team.

It was not all bad for Norton, however. He mentioned some perks of living in a pandemic.

“It gave us more meal swipes at the grill,” said Norton. “Might have been the only good thing about Covid.”

Students at Morningside were required to wear masks to class and encouraged to wear masks around campus. It was Norton’s first time having online classes. Switching from in-person class to online learning was a challenge for many, however Norton liked staying in his room for class.

Zach Norton is now in his second year of college and Covid regulations have since changed. Students no longer have to wear face masks in class and in-person classes have started up again. Now, Morningside University and the students can be prepared in case of another pandemic.

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    Roll your second graf into the first:
    Zach Norton, a sophomore, felt the effects of COVID before his first college football game.

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    The rest is a bit jumpy, so be thinking about transitions between ideas.
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