News Comment Sept. 23, 2021

Health officials stormed the FIFA game between Brazil and Argentina to suspend four Argentine players from the match. These players apparently did not follow quarantine protocol when entering Brazil. The game was suspended within minutes of the first half.

Brazil health officials have a rule that says if a person has been in Britain before entering Brazil, s/he has to quarantine for fourteen days. Players and coaches from Argentine assured the authorities they did not break any quarantine rules. Argentina had been in Brazil three days prior to the match. Why authorities waited until the game started instead of addressing the situation beforehand, I do not know.

The intended audience of the story is everyone. This article shows how quarantine and health regulations are taken very seriously. If you do not follow the rules, whether you are a professional athlete or me, there will be consequences.

However, the story is not news. I do not have to worry about quarantine regulations of Brazil unless I leave the country. It is also not news, because a cancelled soccer match does not impact a large portion of the population. The game will be rescheduled and all will be well. What the author wants the reader to remember at the end of the article is that it is crucial to follow health guidelines.

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  1. fuglsang

    You are taking the “not news” concept too literally, Alexis. Just because it’s not news to you (or not relevant to you) does not mean it’s not news. The fact that I just sneezed is not news because no one cares.

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