News Comment #2

Is It News?

The former billionaire and chief executive of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is now going to trial for fraud claims about her company’s blood testing. She is facing twelve counts of fraud over false claims. Her defense lawyers went through 100 jurors before they found seven men and five women who were suitable for the trial.

The intended audience of this article is friends and family of Elizabeth Holmes, as well as people who use Theranos for blood testing. The audience is now aware that blood-testing through this company is not safe. In addition, the family and friends of Elizabeth Holmes are relieved the defense team has put together an unbiased group of jurors.

The Elizabeth Holmes trial is news. The trial has just begun so the information is timely. The article also impacts many people: Theranos employees, the jurors, the family and friends of Holmes, and the people who went there for their blood testing. The article does not help me make a decision, it pretty much made the decision for me. I will not use Theranos for blood testing.

The readers can also keep in mind the time spent and amount of questions the defense team has to ask potential jurors. It can be extremely difficult for the defense attorneys to find a group of unbiased jurors especially now that everyone hears about everything through social media.