The Diamond in the Rough: Diamond Thai



The hole in the wall, the nook, that place you overlook every time you go out for dinner. This is a flaw that many of us suffer from, and one that caused me to overlook the diamond in the rough that is Diamond Thai. Located on West 7th street, Diamond Thai serves a wide variety of Thai food, and specializes in curry, a name given to certain dishes of food created in Southern Asia. Although the outside of the restaurant is not appealing, the dining area fits the mold of a Thai restaurant, as one can expect to find elephant and dragon murals on each wall and other pictures and statutes that add to the experience! The waitress is friendly and hospitable, and the prices are cheap to say the least, expect a bowl of their famous curry to run $6.50, affordable for any wallet. Will their famous curry be too much for this heat seeker to handle, or will I beg for more?



Amazing dish for us “heat seekers”

            After years of watching the Food Network and other food shows such as Man vs. Food, I developed a desire to try curry, a name given to a set of dishes created in Asia. One thing I learned from Adam Richmond—the host of Man vs. Food—is that curry is a dish for heat seekers. For my venture into Thai cooking, I decided to try the green curry with a side of jasmine rice; and it is important to note that curry at Diamond Thai comes mild, medium or hot. Even though I am a fan of heat, I decided to take the advice of my professor and colleagues and play it safe and order the mild. When it arrived, it was similar in appearance to the curry seen on television, and reminded me of American chili without the beans. The first bite was a taste explosion to say the least, and I was surprised at the amount of heat present in the mild curry, while broth was light green and quite flavorful. The vegetables added texture to the creamy, yet spicy broth; and the vegetables consisted of green beans, cucumbers, and bamboo shoots. The green beans and bamboo shoots added a crunchy contrast, while the cucumbers added a juicy and tender element. Tender and juicy chicken accompanied the curry, and the spices added an explosion of taste and sweat with each bite! The side of jasmine rice was a great contrast to the spices, and added a cooling element that one may need. The jasmine rice was similar to white rice found at a local supermarket. I used the rice in the same way one would use crackers in soup, I crumbled the rice into the curry to absorb the broth. This is the first dish during my May term that I completely finished, and I would recommend Diamond Thai to anyone who would enjoy a dish exploding with flavor and heat! The service was excellent and the waitress was friendly and helpful, while the prices were cheap. A bowl of curry and a side of jasmine rice came to a total of $7.50, a price affordable for anyone looking to fill up on an excellent dish! I give Diamond Thai 4 out of 4 wisdom teeth!