Trattoria Fresco

Trattoria Fresco located on 416 Jackson Street on the South end of Sioux City, Iowa and was recently established and developed as a local Italian restaurant. This place is great for just a night out to get some delicious food. While this is by no means a fancy restaurant, one could go there basically wearing just about anything and have a wonderful time.


Seeing as I love all kinds of pasta I decided to go with something a little more traditional considering I didn’t really know what to expect. I ended up ordering a simple chicken Alfredo dish with some garlic bread. This dish is supposed to be moist but still thick enough to stick to the noodles when you roll it up on your fork. This dish at Trattoria Fresco however, was a little dry and the chicken to noodle ratio was not satisfactory. I cannot say that the dish was bad; it was not unpleasant by any means. It was simply just not the best that I have ever had.


Alfredo – They had to bring the chicken out minutes later.

Large groups of people can often be hard to accommodate. One of the reasons is that it can be difficult to converse if the restaurants are loud and noisy. The ambience is quaint and makes it very easy to visit with the group that you accompanied. While this is a hide away place, it can sometimes be difficult to find or even sometimes hear about.


One positive was that the owner often circles the restaurant to check up on customers to make sure their visit is going to end in the best possible outcome for both ends of the spectrum. This is mentioned in several reviews of the restaurant. I think it is very important that the management sees first hand what is going on within the walls of the restaurant. This truly can help make a good food establishment a great one.


Another turnoff from the restaurant was the prices. While prices can vary from restaurant to restaurant, one would expect a network like this to be a little lower than an establishment such as olive garden.


On a more positive note this was a very gracious and accommodating restaurateur that I have ever come into contact with in a long while. The service was personable and the response time to refill drinks and take orders was more than satisfactory.


The outside of the restaurant has a side of uniqueness that tells you instantly that this is not a normal American restaurant. Any individual could tell walking up that this was something other than an American establishment. The inside of the restaurant is full of various colors to grab ones attention to the atmosphere surrounding them.


Overall, this is a very good quick stop if you are looking for some decent Italian food. It is a family friendly, kid friendly restaurant that is more than accommodating in any type of situation. While my dish was not over the top, I think anyone could enjoy a wonderful night out for some good Italian grub at Trattoria Fresco!

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