Fourth Street, Sioux City Iowa is often only known for its bars and scare parks. However, last week, I discovered a hidden secret. Rebo’s is a restaurant located near the Fourth Street bar and grill. I had never heard of this hidden secret and I was pleasantly surprised. Seeing as it is Sioux lands number one wood fire grill it all makes sense. When you first walk in you are seated by a pleasant host in a nice and quite atmosphere.


When the menus arrived at the table, I was not sure what to expect. Ordering is never an easy process when you are eating a new food establishment. I finally came to the conclusion of pork loin with a side of potatoes glazed in delicious yellow cheese. This dish I chose is called the Caribbean Pork Loin with the house pot du ior. Rebos is more of a Caribbean based food and this dish represented this perfectly. Along with the pork loin, I ordered grilled pineapple. Pineapple is often a very ordinary fruit, always the same, never changing. However, Rebos grilled it to such a perfection that I will never be able to look at a normal ordinary pineapple the same ever again.


Caribbean Pork Loin with the House Pot Du Jor and a Grilled Sliced Pineapple

Going to such a class A restaurant, one would generally not expect quick and snappy service coming in with such a large group. However, Rebos never once disappointed me. Our food was delivered at a very reasonable time of frame and the food was at its best. Everyone at the table received their food all within five minutes of each other and I had heard no complaints from anyone in our particular group.


I have often heard that Rebos is most popularly known for its pizza grilled over the wood fire grill., especially on the weekends .I have been told that the pizza is like nothing you have experienced before. It stands apart from other pizzas. Crisp and zesty are the best adjectives to describe the pizza.


Atmosphere is what can set one placed apart from another. Rebos is not a place you would go to sit and read a book. The lighting is rather dim, giving a customer a more of relaxed calm feeling. Because of the wood fire grill, it leaves a distinct aroma setting it apart from any another restaurant simply because of its scent. It is one of the most coveted restaurants for seating on Fourth Street.  Another key point in any business is the quality of service they provide. Everyone that I had come into contact with was friendly, polite and willing to help no matter the request.


Rebos would get the best of a recommendation I could give when it comes down to restaurants in the downtown area.  The food, atmosphere, and service were all A plus material in my book. I guarantee that no matter the situation, or day of the week, you will not be disappointed. My experience during this lunch hour was one that I would gladly relieve any day of the week.

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