Japanese Tokyo Steakhouse

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. For starters, nothing in the name of the restaurant sounds even a little bit revaluating.  This is a very unique restaurant based on fulfilling the hunger of basically about anything. The environment, food and service are really all extraordinary.



Chef cooking all the meats and vegetables on the grill right in front of the customers.

The most unique quality about the restaurant Japanese Steakhouse was the environment. This is mainly because it is what has your attention the longest. It is the first thing you are exposed to when you walk in, the area you observe while you are sitting down, and what puts the experience over the top during the entire meal.  You are first seated in a semi circle area around a grill with numerous people. This may be a large group of people that you know, or some strangers that came for the same meal. The atmosphere is also complimented by the various colors of both the walls and the food.


The food is absolutely to die for. You have such a large variety of options that you could basically get anything you were craving on any given night. I however, ordered fried rice sukiyaki, sirloin steak with some chicken as well.  The steak had such flavor that it is difficult to even match adjectives to. The food is grilled directly in front of you, so you know exactly what you are getting, no exceptions. The steak is grilled to a crisp perfection that is wonderfully accented by the fried rice that is not too moist but not too dry.  The egg rolls were crispy and delicious.


What really puts this restaurant over the top is the service. At a normal restaurant you get seated, order your food and wait until it is brought out to you. At the Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse however, you get to see the entire process. After you order you get to watch your food along with everyone at the tables get grilled to your liking. While coming with large groups would obviously extend the amount of time that one might spend in the restaurant, it is time worth spent. Another bonus is that you get your moneys worth. Small portions of food are simply unheard of at this particular restaurant.


The money is the only item that could be discussed in a somewhat negative manner. It is a bit pricy and in todays economy that can mean everything. However, you do get your moneys worth of food. On a brighter note, if you go during the lunch hour, it is anywhere from three to four dollars cheaper than if one were to dine during the evening hour.


All in all I would not have a single bad word to say about this food establishment. It is such a fun atmosphere, and its fun to watch the chef really go over the top to make it a fun light hearted experience. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for wonderful food that will get you full and satisfied. This a must go to place!

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