Buffalo Alice’s

Buffalo Alice is a rather odd name for a restaurant and bar. However, the way I see it, the odder the name, the better the food. Buffalo Alice, often called BA’s, is located downtown Sioux City. Up until a week ago, I had only heard about it because it is known as a night hangout spot for college students in the surrounding areas. However, after my lunch experience I plan on making this a regular spot when heading out for a lunch date.


The main item on the menu is pizza. Pizza can be considered rather ordinary and easy to make. However, Buffalo Alice has perfected their pizza down to a science. You can order basically any type of pizza that your heart desires. The crust is a perfect crisp that accents the wonderfully blended sauce and cheese. While waiting for your food you are welcomed to munch on some delicious free popcorn.


Meat lovers Pizza

Everyone loves free stuff. Americans love pizza, beer and free stuff It is a fact of our society. This is one of many things that make this place so popular in the Sioux land area. Getting your moneys worth is also a key factor when going out to eat in any city. No one wants to get a small pizza that cuts four slices and pay fifteen dollars for it. Buffalo Alice provides a lot of food for a reasonable price that could work its way into any budget.


The atmosphere is broken into two separate segments, the bar separating the middle. Tables line the walls and you can get a prime view of the downtown area from basically about any seat. This is a wonderful area to bring large groups of people because there is a lot of seating and you can all stay together. There are a couple of televisions around the bar showing the currents sports games that are currently on the networks. This often draws in a more male generated crowd that more than often draws in a more light fun light hearted crowd.


The service was more than satisfactory. While it does take a little while to get the food, sometimes it is worth the wait if the quality it going to be better. As they always say quality over quantity.  The waiters were quick and helpful. Refills and frequent stops to the table were appreciated, especially when dining with a larger group of people.


Buffalo Alice is a very laid back relaxed sports bar and grill that would be great any night of the week if you are looking for a cold one with a sizzling slice of pizza. I would however, not recommend this place for a family with little kids. It is generally not the most kid friendly. This is a hoping place for college students during the weeknights and weekends.


I would highly recommend this for any young couple looking for a night out of the town. The fun and food will last for hours and I promise you will not leave hungry!

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