House of Q

James Beard, a food critic states that, Food is our common ground, a universal experience. Food is obviously an important part of our lives and it is this reason that we as a society have such high expectations of it. Expectations however, are not always reached to our expectations.


On Tuesday May 14 we visited the restaurant, House of Q. This restaurant is commonly known for their slowly cooked BBQ. House of Q is located on Transit near another restaurant we visited.


Considering I had never heard of this restaurant, ordering was a little more of a mind boggle than normal. I figured the BQQ would be more than class a work. However, I wanted to get something that not many people in the group were getting. So I ordered some hot BQQ wings to get something a little different but still get that BQQ experience. The wings were average, however, my expectations had been set so high from all the other wings I had eaten in the Sioux land area. The wing sauce was very good, but there are not many other adjectives that I would feel appropriate describing these wings.


Along with the wings I ordered something they like to call macaroni balls. I had no expectations of these nor had I had any before the House of Q. The macaroni balls were very delightful. The amount of cheese to noodle ration was perfect. They were unlike anything I had every tasted before. This was by far the favorite thing I had eaten at the House of Q.


The last item of food that I tried was the French fries. French fries are a very common food that can be ordered at almost every restaurant. They come in every shape and size that the human mind can possibly imagine. What really distinguishes one French fry from another is the seasoning they are cooked with and how long they are cooked. These fries had the perfect amount of salt combined with a delicious steak sauce.


The environment is very unique in a sense that you could create your own. As a customer you have the option to pick your own music and bring your friends. The service was surprisingly fast for the amount of people that we brought to the facility. The environment and the service were overall very good.


Every restaurant has something that will set them apart from the others. The House of Q has a “Q  Challenge.” This challenge consists of several different combinations of foods. For example, one could do the challenge called the Koozie. To accomplish this task one must eat a Q-Zilla with one pound of steak fries and a slice of pecan pie. All of this combined gives them the self-accomplishment of a Q challenge.


The House of Q was an experience like I had never had before. However, would it be my first option if given the choice of any restaurant in Sioux City? Probably not. The House of Q has a lot to offer, but the options could be found in many other places as well with higher quality of food.


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