News Comment 10-3-13

This article was about the current government shutdown. The article describes Obama’s desire to not give into the wants of a small group of extremists. He is willing to negotiate if they are. He believes there is a precedent at stake regarding the acts of a small group of extremists and their power to control an outcome. Whether it is extreme Democratic or Republican views he doesn’t want a precedent to be set where they can stop important political processes because they refuse to negotiate. The article describes different strategies the Republicans are going through regarding the issues at hand. Some are in favor of the shutdown and some want it to end. The biggest problem comes with the opinions regarding the debt ceiling and Obamacare, issues the two parties will probably never agree on. The need to for a compromise, not an agreement.

I thought this was a very informative article. I was written in way that handled the political issues relatively well. I don’t know much about politics myself but I was able to pretty much understand the issues and what is at stake. I think the article may have strayed a bit from the title “Obama Sets Conditions for Talks: Pass Funding and Raise Debt Ceiling”. Although the article goes into more detail on what the Republicans and thinking and doing than the President this is probably necessary.

The article brings up the important struggle that is going on between extremist Republicans and Obama right now. It was interesting to read and gave me a lot of information but there is no outcome. I’m not sure what to take from this article. I feel a bit worse about the situation having this information than I did before I read the article. It mostly leaves me just as frustrated with the situation and a group to direct my frustration towards.


  1. You got the most important aspect of the story, Sam. The shutdown is less about immediate issues than it is about setting a dangerous precedent that weakens the office of president.