News Comment 9-26-13

What first drew my attention to this article was its title and video. I thought the ground giving way sounded pretty serious. The video shows a group of full size, adult trees slowly moving towards the sink hole and then quickly being sucked down into the water. I had a hard time believe what I was seeing. So I think this article does a great job of catching the readers attention right away.

I thought the lead for the story was okay. It almost gave me a little too much in formation. The title of the article was more interesting to me than the actual lead paragraph. I think the rest article though was a good balance of information and personal interest. The article described the situation with the sink hole in Louisiana. Then it gave different opinions from local residents. Some of them are leaving the area and some of them are waiting it out. The majority however, is upset with the way the authorities are handling the situation. It doesn’t seem like a major crisis to them.

The article contained a lot of factual information about the situation. I think this information is probably necessary but I don’t think the article needed to take up two pages. I felt like it was getting a bit long at times. I was confused by some of the information. The article mentioned a well breaking and causing a sinkhole, which keeps growing. I believe that is the same sinkhole in the video but the article also mentioned past events that were similar. A little clarification in this are would be good I think.

I liked the quotes that were used in this article. I thought they helped the story move on and they were supported. I am interested to find out what happens with this situation at the end of the article.


  1. I don’t know what story you read, so I can’t comment much. I did watch a video. Kinda weird.