News Comment 9/12/13

I recently read an article for my Honors session that I thought was interesting. The article was called How I Passed My U.S. Citizenship Test: By Keeping the Right Answers to Myself and was about the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. The article followed a Canadian woman who was applying for U.S. citizenship. She described the process she went through, mostly about the incorrect questions that are on the written test. She gave the readers the incorrect questions she came across, as well as the different answers that are supposed to be correct. She described advice she was given, to give an incorrect answer even if it was considered correct by the test officials. The woman had interviewed specialists in different fields about the questions to get the correct answers. Many of them weren’t aware that the test included incorrect answers.

I thought this was an okay article. I liked that she included interviews she had done with people about these tests and the incorrect answers. However, I wish there had been some sort of resolution to the problem of the incorrect test. She brought up the issues and the wrong answers but she didn’t say why the are that way. I’m wondered why these questions are still wrong after so long. I’m wondering what her article caused if anything with these tests. Are the questions still wrong? I wish she had tried to figure that out so the reader isn’t left wondering.


  1. Your comments are valid, Samantha. I’m sure she isn’t the first to bring these issues to light. Why no action? But in a bureaucracy, there’s only so far she can go with her questions. Then people start passing the buck. A good thing to remember: sometimes you will run into a wall.