COMM 314 Portfolio

Morningside University Student Kirsten Campbell enjoys a meal at Raising Caine’s while at the KCACTF conference in Des Moines, IA

Morningside University Student Emanuel Aguilar Ceja poses with his two new children Pookie and Bookie that he just got from the Build-A-Bear store.

Morningside Student Kirsten Campbell’s reaction when she realized that she had been groomed by one of her teachers growing up.

The backside of Lewis Hall on the Morningside University campus

The American flag flying in front of Lewis Hall on the Morningside University Campus

A rare sight as the Eppley Auditorium at Morningside University and almost vacant.

Morningside Student Nathanael Ruiz poses for a portrait that will be used for promotional material for Morningside’s performance of the opera Gianni Schicchi.

Morningside Student Gabriel Potts poses as the titular character for Morningside’s performance of the opera Gianni Schicchi.

Morningside Student Caden Morton delivers a speech for his Advanced Public Speaking class

A Cherry Picker parked behind Roadman Hall on Morningside Universities campus.

Morningside University students Kirsten Campbell and Emanuel Aguilar Ceja pose after winning multiple awards at the Theater Honor Society’s yearly awards ceremony.

Morningside University Student Kirsten Campbell poses for a silly photo while shopping at Target

Photo Assignment

Jambalaya pasta served at The Wheelhouse Bar and Grill in Sioux City. This is for the food photo

A completely empty parking lot at Morningside University, a rare sight to see. This is for the night photo

Charlie a Teacup Yorkie. This is for the Pet picture

Sounds of Morningside

Anyone who has been underneath the flag in front of Lewis Hall knows the signature metallic clang

The Eppley Auditorium where all of Morninside’s choir and band concerts are held

24 Frames

Portrait Reading Quiz

February 8th assignment

Morningside student Kirsten Campbell’s reaction to realizing she was groomed as a child
Rain on a windshield
Morningside theater students work on a group project
Left to right: Saline Osborn, Julianne Johnston, Christian Sacramento, Salvatore Engle, And Rowen Richards

With these pictures, I’m doing the Emotion, Weather, and Lab assignments.

February 1st assignment

Students at Morningside Unversity walking to and from class
Emmanuel Aguilar-Ceja poses with his two new Build-A-Bears
Klinger-Neal Theater on the campus of Morningside University

Article #3 Transript

Welcome to KMSC Fusion 93 I am Nathanael Roop here with the news.

First, Astronauts may no longer have to go far to be able to find water on the moon.

According to the New York Times, a team of scientists used SOFIA an infrared telescope mounted inside a 747 jumbo jet, to make observations that showed clear data that there is water on the side of the moon where the sun shines.

“This discovery reveals that water might be distributed across the lunar surface and not limited to the cold shadowed places near the lunar poles,” Paul Hertz, the director of NASA’s astrophysics division, said during a news conference on Monday.

This discovery could be a real game-changer, not only could it be used as water for astronauts to drink but it could also be broken down into its constituent atoms to create oxygen for the astronauts to breathe.
Hydrogen and oxygen could also possibly be used as rocket propellant to help space missions make it back to earth and even help them in their quest to get to Mars.

We asked a local girl, Hannah Roop, what she thought about this discovery. (Hannah Roop audio)

In National news, President-Elect Joe Biden said on Thursday that he does not believe that the coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory, but that he would strongly encourage Americans to quote “do the right thing.” unquote.

The president-elect’s latest comments reflect his push to set an example for the American people in combating the coronavirus pandemic. Biden revealed this week that he will ask Americans in his inaugural address to wear a mask for 100 days in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. He has also said he is willing to take the vaccine publicly.

When asked how she felt about this news local woman Sheila Roop had this to say. (Sheila Roop audio)

And lastly in international news on Friday Pentagon officials said that President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of most of the U.S. troops stationed in Somalia.

The nearly 800 troops represent a small force but are seen as a crucial need against African-based extremist groups, including al-Shabab.
This announcement comes three weeks after acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said the U.S. is reducing troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2,500 by mid-January.

I asked a local man, Kevin Roop, what his feelings were about this news and he said, (Kevin Roop audio)

And that will do it for the news this week and as always, we will be back next week to cover all the biggest stories.

Couple Shooting

Welcome to KMSC Fusion 93 my name is Nathanael Roop, and it is time for our crime report.

Yesterday at 5 p.m. there was a shooting at 617 Black street. 50-year-old Richard Brunson shot his wife 38-year-old Laurette Kenny Brunson with a .22 caliber handgun. The couple was just married last Saturday but had been living together for the past five months.

This shooting came as a surprise to many including family friend Michael Martin who had this to say (Martin audio)

Walter Corse, the man who contacted the police, also had this to say. (Walter Corse audio)

Richard Brunson’s whereabouts are still unknown. Mrs. Brunson is currently in St. Luke’s hospital where she is in satisfactory condition

Article #4 Final

John Reynders, the President of Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, has said on many occasions that “At Morningside, we are committed to striving for excellence in everything that we do.” We can see this from at the top with President Reynders himself down to one of Morningside’s most recent additions to their faculty, Jared Amundson.

Jared Amundson

Jared, the newly appointed head coach of Morningside’s eSports program, has fully committed to this belief. In his first semester as head coach of this program, he was able to guide all three of his teams to the semifinals of their respective divisions.

Jared spent his college years studying math at Morningside college. In addition to this, Jared participated in three different sports during his college career. He earned three All-Great Plains Athletic Conference honors as a placekicker for the football team, he was a goalie for the soccer team, and he played the support role for the League of Legends team.

Jared brings with him a knowledge of how other sports teams function and how they practice that previous co-coaches Dean Stevens and David Elder did not possess.

With this knowledge, Jared has made the esports program more organized and stricter.

“I think that the best thing Jared has done is to establish order in the nexus.” Matthew “HiddenSquid” Roop, a freshmen Overwatch and League of Legends player, said, “He laid out rules for the teams at the beginning of the semester, and he cracked down on anyone who broke them.”

Even though Jared does not play all three of the games that he coaches, he has stilled helped all of his teams improve over the fall season. He has accomplished this by giving tips on how to work better as a team and also hosting a group therapy session of sorts after hard-fought losses.

“I think as a head coach, he has done an excellent job of helping teams improve, even though he doesn’t play some of the games,” Matthew stated.

One of the predicaments of becoming the head coach of a team only two years after you graduate is that there are still going to be some of your previous teammates on teams that you are coaching.

Sebastian “Seabass” Tovar was a teammate of Jared’s during Jared’s college days and still competes on the League of Legends team. “It was kind of odd at first having to listen to and take direction from someone whom I use to play with, but once the initial shock wore off, I was able to acknowledge him as my coach and not as one of the guys.”

Moving forward, Jared hopes to continue to grow eSports level of respect on campus, saying, “I want to get this program up to the point where people are in freshman orientation and hear about esports, I want students to go around in introductions and hear ‘I play football,’ ‘I play basketball,’ ‘I play esports.’ With that kind of word of mouth following, I know we will be on a respect level we need to be.”

Jared is looking forward to the next semester’s season and is hoping that he will be able to bring home his first trophy as the Morningside eSports Head Coach.

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