House of Q

This is my first blog entry for our may term class, Eating Siouxland. Our first assignment for the class was to think of a spin to put on each of our entries, and this was a pretty difficult assignment for me.  I finally decided that I would eat something spicy at each restaurant these next two and a half weeks.

Yesterday, Dr. Elder chose the House of Q as the destination for our meal. I have driven past this restaurant many times because it is located just a few blocks from our football stadium and shares its parking lot with the popular wing restaurant, Bob Roe’s Point After.  I knew that barbecue was the specialty, and I have heard good things about it, so I was excited to finally experience it for myself.

I walked into the House of Q and my first thoughts came from my nose where the aroma of barbecue was finding its way.  The atmosphere was welcoming with inviting music playing in the background of the well-lit building.  The employees welcomed us in with smiles and directed us to the back room where the rest of our group was already seated.  I grabbed a menu from the table, but in the process saw the large selection of barbecue sauces placed in the middle of the table.

The array of sauces placed on each table at the House of Q

The array of sauces placed on each table

Seeing that there was both Spicy and Chipotle BBQ flavored sauces, I knew that I had to get either the ribs or some sort of pulled pork sandwich that I could smother in those sauces.  After looking over the menu and remembering a recommendation from a friend, I ordered the Heaven on a Bun sandwich which consisted of a smoked burger topped with Cheese, a Spicy Sausage Link, and Brisket. It came with two sides and a drink, so I got steak fries and coleslaw with it.  The description had the word “spicy” in it, so I could start the class off by trying something spicy at the restaurant.

Heaven on a Bun Sandwich with steak fries, coleslaw, and a root beer

Heaven on a Bun Sandwich with steak fries, coleslaw, and a root beer

The food took a little while to get to the table, but I was expecting that because we had a large group and we ordered a lot of food.  I tried my sides first in order to lead up to the sandwich and they were both delicious.  I squirted the Spicy and Chipotle BBQ sauces on the sandwich and took a big bite.  The mixture of the perfectly smoked meats and the sauces was too much for me to handle.  I was literally “in heaven” and the name of the sandwich couldn’t be more fitting.  I ate half of the sandwich and took the rest home to eat for supper that evening.

I could not have been more satisfied leaving the House of Q.  The food was amazing and inexpensive, the wait staff was friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was great. It really did feel like a home. You can definitely count on me returning to enjoy another delicious meal at the House of Q in the near future.


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