News Comment #4: After vaping-related illness, teen now has lungs like ‘a 70-year-old’s’

Adam Hergenreder, an 18-year-old athlete from Gurnee, Illinois, was hospitalized due to his vaping habit. Doctors told him his lungs are similar to a 70-year-old adult.

Vaping so much caused Hergenreder to experienced shivers and nonstop throwing up. If he hadn’t gone in to see a doctor, he could of died from his lungs collapsing. He said, “If I had known what it was doing to my body, I would have never even touched it, but I didn’t know…I wasn’t educated.”

Hergenreder is not the only one to suffer from vaping. There have been many other causes where people have even died from vaping. E-cigarettes have gotten popular towards high school and middle school students, because of the popular flavors.

The article continues on with how bad the vaping situation is and brings up a possibility of the Trump administration to remove e-cigarettes.

This article starts off with a good lead; how is it possible for a teen to get terrible lungs? It begins by introducing the teen affected and goes back and for between the story of the teen and the huge vaping issue. It is creative because people want to know what is happening to the kid, but have to read through the data and governmental topics that are taken because of the increase in medical treatments because of vaping.

The article is long but it covers the important topics happening.

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1 thought on “News Comment #4: After vaping-related illness, teen now has lungs like ‘a 70-year-old’s’

  1. Good catch, Makaelyn. Ths is a good example of personalizing a story. Rather than just giving the bare facts about this new vaping scourge, the story uses a single example to put a face on the issue. It humanizes a story that might otherwise seem like facts and figures.

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