Red Bones Cafe

Posted on May 16th, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

Being a critic of food can be dawnting sometimes. I feel like one of the responsibilities of being a food critic is to be honest. So this post will have a lot of honesty in it. I went to Red Bones Cafe today. It was on the west side of town.

First to start off lunch i was about 5 minutes behind the group but wasn’t terribly late. When i got to my table i was greeted by the waitress and she asked what i wanted to drink, i asked for a Pepsi. A couple minutes after she brought me out a lemonade. That did not make me very happy. I figured what the hell, i’m with a big group and i’m not going to complain about a drink. So she came back to grab our orders.

My Spin on this class is that i’m going to order the healthiest think on the menu that the waiter or waitress recommends. She recommended the catfish but i had to pass on that, haha, so i went with the black chicken salad. I also am trying to spend the $20 allotment each meal so i ordered two of the salads since they were only $6. In addition to that, I ordered a slice of sweet potato pie. So i would estimate my total was around $18 with my drink in that too.
After about a 40 minute wait I finally got my food. The rest of our class got their food about 20 minutes after they ordered. I was expecting a big plate since it was supposedly my “main dish” but it was a fairly small plate. I have had side salads at other restaurants bigger then these salads. I ordered one with ranch and one with honey mustard if they had it. She brought me out one with ranch and one with a really spicy honey mustard but also had a half full ranch on the second one as well. I ate the first one pretty fast. I always like to try and save about half my meal and i planned to take one of the salads home.
The chicken on the salad was pretty good for grilled chicken. It wasn’t over cooked or burnt and had a good flavor to it. I decided to eat the second salad because I was still hungry. I liked the ranch just fine but I didn’t particularly care the honey mustard. It was pretty spicy and I don’t like spicy foods too much.
After our meal was over I was expecting the sweet potato pie pretty soon, but it was about another 15 minute wait for that. Once it got there i was expecting a little bit more whipped cream but it only had a little dab on it. It tasted like pumpkin pie to me, I had never had it before that’s why I ordered it.
For a lunch time break I feel like this wouldn’t be the place to go. We were the only people in the restaurant for a long portion of our visit there. I feel like you should be able to handle the capacity of your restaurant in a timely manner. I did notice they had a TO GO area and I wonder how well that would work.
I think it was decently priced for what you got, because what you got wasn’t very much. If it was up to me, I probably wouldn’t go back to Red Bones. I didn’t feel very welcome there, and was really not impressed with the service or the quality of the food. This is just of course my opinion, and I am sure some of my fellow classmates had a good experience there, but if you’re looking for a healthy option for food in Sioux City, Red Bones might not the place for you.

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