Bob Roe’s Point After

Posted on May 13th, 2013 in Restaurants by Matthew

Today for our first class of May Term we went to Bob Roe’s Point After. I have been to Bob Roe’s a couple times before so i was familiar with the environment. It is a stand alone building in a pretty good location on the corner of Transit and Vine. When I walked in I could see sports memorabilia all over the walls. It definitely is a sports bar and grille.

When we got to our seats we were promptly greeted by our waitress and were offered a variety of drinks. We all ordered Dr. Pepper and a couple of us got a couple beers. I ordered a three topping medium pizza and a 6 piece wing appetizer. The wings were $6 and the pizza was $14.70 so my total was a little over $20 minus the dr. Pepper.


On my pizza i chose pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Canadian Bacon. They loaded it up with the toppings. When i got the box it was steaming and when i picked up a piece of pizza the meat would fall off the top because there was so much of it. The wings are what Bob Roe’s is mainly known for. They are very tasty. I ordered the regular as opposed to the Homey Mustard ones, and mine had a good kick to it. They make their own wing sauce in house, and they serve it with a sour cream and ranch mixture.


Overall I would say I had a positive experience at this restaurant. Service is one of my biggest pet peeves at restaurants. I always go through my drinks faster than a normal person so the amount of times my glass gets filled is above normal. When I tip, I mainly base it on how full the waiter/waitress kept my drink.
The price was very fair at Bob Roe’s. I had more than enough to eat and still had a half of pizza left to take home. The beer was $2.25 for a jar of tap beer, which is a very reasonable price. Anywhere where I can get two beers for less than $5 is a steal in my book. At a dollar a wing that isn’t A bad price, for the 6-piece. On Wednesdays they have a special on wings and e place gets packed.
The Atmosphere made me feel very welcome there. The fact that I attend Morningside and they have Morningside insignia there made me feel a little bit more at home. They had a nice array of Nebraska, Iowa, and Iowa State memorabilia also. Being from Lincoln, I am a huge Husker fan, Sioux City’s central location should call for equal size of a collection to each team, not just an Iowa school overpowering.
If i had a choice, I would come back to Bob Roe’s Point After. The food was good and the service was fantastic. I had a good lunch for a great price. I would recommend this to any one of my teammates to go to after one of our football games. On football Saturdays it is sure to be poppin in Bob Roe’s.

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