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This week, I read a news story from CBS New York. The headline was titled, “Police: Long Island Grandmother Stabbed to Death in Revenge Plot Against Grandson.” The article caught my attention because of how bizarre it was. Sadly today, news stories of murder are not headlines unless they involve someone important, or if the case is bizarre or extreme.

This story was about a grandmother who was staying with her 24 year old grandson and was killed when two men broke and and killed her out of revenge. Apparently, the grandson had been involved in selling marijauna from his house. Two men, named Benjamin Lopez and Deangelo Gill, were ripped off by the 24 year old. Their plan was to break in and rob his house and mess him up.

The grandmother was caught in the middle of the situation. When her grandson left the house, the two suspects came in and hacked her to death. When the grandson returned, he was beaten, but was able to call police. He was hospitalized and the two suspects were arrested and are being tried for murder.


I thought the lede on this story was very interesting. It is a very sad and individual type of story. It is newsworthy because it was a murder of an innocent old woman who had no relationship with her murderers. i can see this piece being news worthy because of how different and messed up it is. Not only did the grandmother get killed, but the revenge plot was because of bad business with a weed dealer.


The story was written decent. They used direct quotes in certain spots, using testimonies from witnesses to give background on the situation. There was also a video that talked about the story as well. Overall, it was a good news story. I think that it was news worthy in the area that CBS New York covers. The story was linked to CNN.


Police: Long Island Grandmother Stabbed To Death In Revenge Plot Against Grandson

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  1. It’s interesting to compare the print version to the video version. The content of both stories is the same, but the pieces are in a diiferent order. Different lede. Different emphasis. Both focus on the senselessness of it all, however.

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