Sounds of Morningside

Walking around Morningside one can hear a variety of different sounds. Morningside is a unique place with a lot of charm. When I walk around campus and think about my day to day schedule, these were some of the sounds that I related most to my Morningside experience so far. Firstly, the peaceful sound of the fountain when you walk by on your way to class or the library. At Morningside, all the staff and students will know that Spring/Summer has started when that sweet sound of the water is back on campus. And then of course there are the squirrels. One of my biggest culture shocks coming to Morningside was how many squirrels walk around this campus climbing trees, eating nuts, or rustling in the bushes: they are everywhere. This is ironic because the one time I had to take a picture of one they were nowhere to be found, but I got lucky and stumbled upon one squirrel. Lastly, and this one might be a bit more tricky to figure out from the picture, is the national anthem. I am a student-athlete at Morningside, and before every game we play, the national anthem is played. Everyone stands, turns towards the flag, and we all listen to the music play. Morningside has a big athlete population and almost every student and staff will watch at least one sports game at Morningside where they heard the anthem play right before the start of the game.