Week 8: The End Of The World

Okay, so the cartoon pretty much sums it up for me: we probably aren’t going to die, folks (sorry to disappoint). In all reality, I actually assumed that all of the Mayans believed that the world was going to end in the annihilation of the human race. After reading this article, I can say I had some misconceptions of the Mayan people. The author of this article interviewed numerous Mayans and most of them feel that the world isn’t going to end; it’s just a new beginning. These people are actually planning on celebrating the next cycle in Earth’s history. I am ashamed to say that I thought all of the Mayans were a little crazy in their thinking. It seems that only the radical thinkers are getting attention. In a way, America works like this too. For example, are Americans for or against abortion? There are some who believe that it is never right to have an abortion and there are those who feel that people should always have the right to an abortion. What about everyone else? The truth is that most people are somewhere in between on the issue: people want to see the number of abortions decrease, but feel that people should have the right to exercise some amount of free will and choice in this instance. So why don’t we ever hear the voice of the moderates? I think in the case of the Mayans, it’s because their beliefs are not as interesting. Think of all of the great movies that wouldn’t be in existence (I’m thinking of 2012 specifically– great movie)! There are also numerous books and news articles on the topic as well. Bottom line: an interesting story is a story that sells. The author even noted in the article that the Mayan people are having problems having their voice heard; they are now turning to the internet as a way to publish their ideas. A case such as this should provide a great lesson: the next time we hear a radical story, we should think twice about what to believe.


3 thoughts on “Week 8: The End Of The World

  1. Good post Mallory! I agree that the world is not going to end in December. I like how you tied in the abortion example from the US . Also, I agree that numerous books were written and movies were and still are being created because of the belief that the world is going to end soon. Overall, like you said, we need to listen to everyone’s views.

  2. I think you have demonstrated a sense of humour when you say sorry for the disappointment for 2012 not turning out to be the end of the world as if it is something to look forward to with gleeful anticipation. This “apology” may well be appropriate considering the fact that people around the world are actually celebrating (instead of worrying about) the end of the world! Can you believe that? Celebrating!?

    Well, not very long from now the real end of the world event is coming and when it comes it will not be a celebration but lamentation instead.

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