Homework Meltdown

The clock reads 4am as Diane Nguyen, a soon-to-be graduate of Morningside College, lays in bed thinking about the climax of her college career.

A number of class assignments flash in her mind, all with deadlines quickly approaching. Her senior capstone paper quickly becomes the focus and a wave of emotion rushes over Nguyen. The capstone paper represents everything that she has been taught in college, and therefore has become a stressful topic. Even the thought of having to meet deadlines for this crucial paper sends Nguyen to tears. All the weight of her college life has come crashing down on her at 4am.

To add to the capstone paper are a number of different jobs, assignments, and relationships that have brought her to this moment. On most typical days, Diane works a shift at Hollister and Residence Life, writes for the Dakota County Star, and juggles a number of different writing intensive classes.

After all the activities were completed from the day previous, Diane laid down and realized the lack of motivation she had to complete this work. The sense of laziness flooded in through Diane, and tears flowed out.





  1. Very nicely, done, Jaden. You would want to follow this fairly quickly with a more specific definition of “laziness,” and how Diane approaches the term, but this is an excellent beginning. I did not see that ending coming at me.