A Victim of Life

I never understood people who were constantly negative about their life until I myself went through this same mindset. There is nothing more contagious than being a victim of your own life, and once it takes a hold of you it is extremely hard to get rid of. What does it mean to be a victim of life?

I call it the ‘poor me’ mentality.

There are two types of people in the world (Granted there are probably more, but for this rant, there are two). There is the person who takes what life gives them and uses it to become a better version of themselves. You will definitely know when you have found one of these people because they react in a very specific way. The other person is far more sinister. They see life events as a personal attack on what they stand for. For them, there is no escaping this unmistakable suffering that the universe has put on them. There certainly is nothing THEY can do to make it better.

After going through a rough patch with my passion of singing, I became very pessimistic about anything to do with it. Anything that happened to me dealing with this, or any aspect to be honest, I could just feel me metaphorically looking to the heavens asking, “Why? Why in the actual f**k, me?”

Since I’ve learned to get over this mindset, it has absolutely become my pet peeve in life. I can’t stand people who let their negative energy seep out into the open air and taint their surrounding environment. Of course, what many of those people need is someone that will listen and guide them to become a positive thinker, but there is a sad truth to this mindset.

The only person that can save them, is themselves. Until they realise this, they will continue to be a victim of their own life.

This isn’t to say that I’ll let a complaint slip here and there. EVERYONE has bad days, and everyone needs someone to listen to their problems, but you still have to snap out of it. the ability to take a short time to complain and then forget about it and make a difference in life is something to cherish. Never take that for granted, because it’s easy to lose it and say, ‘poor me’.


  1. You definitely have a positivity, Jaden. (And I apologize for my negativity.) This might be the subject of your personal narrative. Analyze that “rough patch” to see if there is something universal in it.