Cabinet Falls in Res Life Office

Cabinet Falls in Res Life Office


A filing cabinet fell in the Residence Life office on Tuesday while one Morningside Student was attempting to file papers.

Diane Nguyen, a senior at Morningside College, was working a usual Tuesday afternoon shift in The Residence Life office. Unaware that the school had not bolted the cabinet down to the ground, she pulled open the top two drawers causing gravity to pull the cabinet forward. Unfortunately for Nguyen, this was right where she was standing.

Nguyen described the scene in detail adding how the situation unfolded after the initial fall. “I put it back in place, and a few people stuck their heads out of their offices. They asked if i was alright,” describes Nguyen. These people included Sheri Hineman, Sam Clary, and Jordan Heim, all of which are veteran staff members in the particular office.

According to her, this time of year usually brings a high amount of virtual and physical traffic into the office as many new and returning students come with questions dealing with on campus housing.

Unfortunately for Nguyen, no one was present to witness the event, but as she describes, it was probably for the best. “I screamed the F- Word and got bruises on my chest,” Nguyen admits. Since this occurred near the end of her shift, Nguyen stuck it out until the timecard could be punched, and then went home. Regardless, Nguyen did one thing right. She didn’t stop going until the day was complete.



  1. You give this a straight-forward news lead, Jaden. What if you used a contrast lead based on the fourth graf? What people expect vs. what actually happened. You could also try foreshadowing bruises.