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Peaches and Greens

I was watching the Today Show on NBC this morning (9/6/09) and they had a segment on a lady who lives in Detroit. She had started a business called Peaches and Greens, which sells fresh fruits and vegetables to people in Detroit. She has a van that she drives around in to sell her produce, and also has a store in which to sell the produce. She began Peaches and Greens because of the scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the facts that the Today Show stated was that liquor stores outnumber grocery stores in Detroit 27:1, and it is extremely difficult for people to get fresh fruit and vegetables in Detroit.

Shocking, right? Here in Iowa, there are grocery stores all over, and several times a year, farmer’s stands of fresh produce can be found on every other block. Even in the larger cities in Iowa grocery stores are easy to find. Why is it that Detroit is lacking in grocery stores?

Because of Peaches and Greens, some non-grocery stores in Detroit have begun to offer fresh fruits and vegetables along with their normal inventory. Hopefully Peaches and Greens continues to grow and provide good, healthy food forĀ  those in need.