Heaven On A Bun


Name: Bufflin, Gunther Cletus

Inmate Number: 4425-035

Location: Riverbend Maximum Security Facility, Davidson County, Tennessee

Crime: First degree murder

Last Meal: Heaven On A Bun from House of Q, Sioux City, Iowa.

House of Q is family owned and operated. They were real nice and made me feel at home. The owner, Big D, was real helpful. The restaurant looked a bit like an old church or house with the walls torn down. We sat in a big room with a fireplace and a nice comfy lookin’ booth that reminded me of the one in my kitchen at home. It had an atmosphere that I’m used to down south, except for the music. They played mostly 90’s pop songs.

The service was fast and polite. I ordered the Heaven on a Bun sandwich with a side of coleslaw and a Founder’s Centennial IPA beer. I am usually used to my tray being given to me through the door slot so it was nice that the waitress brought it quickly right to my table.

Heaven On A Bun lived up to the name.

Heaven On A Bun lived up to the name.

The sandwich was as big as all hell. It was a cheeseburger with sausage and smoked beef brisket on a grilled bun. I almost had to use a shiv to cut it but I finally found a good spot to take a bite. The flavor hit me like a tire iron to the skull. The sausage got me right away. It had a nice smokey flavor with the right amount of heat. The brisket was good, too, thought it was slightly dry. It had a great smoke flavor, too. A good squirt of their original barbecue sauce cured the dryness real fast. I tried a few dips of their house honey mustard and honey barbecue sauce, too, and those were good. Each had the right amount of sweetness and bitter heat. The burger and coleslaw were pretty run of the mill, though the coleslaw gave a nice cool contrast to the sandwich. The bun was grilled so it held together real nice and didn’t get soggy. It didn’t take me long to kill that sandwich. Unlike my crime scene, I left few evidence. I was real full afterwards.

As for the beer, they had a huge selection of craft beers, many that I haven’t heard of before. The drink menu was expansive with tons of variety of different types of beers but I went with the IPA. It was pretty average. I more prefer the pruno that we make back at the state pen.

Here's the view from the order window with the different types of beer above.

Here’s the view from the order window with the different types of beer above.

One of the best parts about the meal was the price. I’d only have to trade a couple packs of smokes for the whole thing. It was only about 7 or 8 dollars for one huge sandwich and a side.

If I got out of prison I’d definitely go back to House of Q again; maybe even make myself a regular. Again, Big D was a great guy. I wouldn’t have minded receiving letters or visits from him. I can tell he made his food with care and enthusiasm. I can sit on that chair now knowing I have a good meal in my stomach.

The sandwich didn't survive long.

The sandwich didn’t survive long.