Why Does it all Matter?

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Imagine years ago, when a family would gather together around a radio for entertainment and news. Later in life, receiving news was reliant on television broadcasts or printed newspapers. Today, however, is very different. We obtain news in many different ways. Sure, you can watch news stations like Fox, CNN, or ABC. You could read a newspaper or listen to the radio. But you could also use linked stories on Facebook and Twitter, blogs, company produced websites, or apps on your cellphone.

If news can now be distributed in these various ways, what are the limits behind what can be reported?

News stations receive information or stories different ways. Bruce Scheid, retired announcer and reporter for KTIV, Sioux City’s NBC affiliate, was asked how he would get his stories when he worked in the media field. He said, “It was a combination of assignments and self-initiated coverage.  More often than not, it was assignments.” A supervisor or editor often gave these to him. However, a blog for example, is subjective to the writer’s topic of choice. There is a difference of limits in both of these occasions. There are limits placed on news reporters, whether that be through an editor or another regulator, but there are very few limits on a blogger or social media sites.

Why does this matter? It matters because distinctive news outlets can influence the general public in numerous ways.

It is improper and unethical for the media, a body that is meant to report objectively to the public, in all of its forms, to hold so much power over the opinions of society without truly recognizing it. By this, I mean that so many people rely on the news provided on radios, television, newspapers, blogs, social media, online websites, and now apps that society can be shaped through the information provided on these outlets. It is important for each news source to recognize their role in society and use it in an ethical and objective manner. The question is… is that being done now? If not, then it is also important, as a news consumer, to be aware of potential factors affecting news like bias or subconscious opinions, filtering, or lack of regulations on publications.

This blog will address the issue presented above. It will also discuss newsgathering avenues and topics within the field while focusing on the avenues’ potential influences on society’s opinions regarding numerous issues. It will also talk about the ethics behind forms of reporting.

More interesting information about the shift of news can be found at this link: http://www.digitalnewsreport.org/essays/2015/the-rise-of-mobile-and-social-news/


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