October 24, 2017


An interesting start to the honeymoon phase after a husband shot his wife in the stomach.

The newlywed is said to be in stable condition following a shooting incident at her wedding reception. The husband, Richard Bronson’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

It was reported that Laurette Bronson threw a plate of macaroni salad at her husband. He then shot her in the stomach and left abruptly.

A neighbor Walter Corse witnessed the incident *audio snippet*.

The family is keeping mum about the incident. Laurette Bronson requests privacy *audio snippet*.

One Response to “Shooting”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    The throwaway/soft lede could work, but I don’t know about the word “interesting.” Surprising? Maybe shocking? I realize that sounds subjective, but broadcast is a bit more lenient. Is “keeping mum” a current phrase?

    OK on organization and attribution of quotes.

    Slow down a bit as you read. Pace yourself. Pause.

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