News Comment #5

September 20, 2017

Since we are currently discussing interviews in class, for this week’s news comment I decided to use an interview from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

This show is on comedy central and is more infotainment than traditional news.  I find the show a good way to stay informed while still being entertained.

Trevor Noah interviewed International Tennis Player Maria Sharapova about her book “Unstoppable.”

Noah connected with Sharapova with humor and knowledge of her life and her book. He used social cues and body language to convey his interest and that he was comfortabe throughout the interview. Noah used his tone of voice to be empathetic when asking sensitive questions to make Sharapova comfortable when asking difficult questions (about her doping scandal).

I wouldn’t say that this was a perfect interview (notably when he mixed up a simple fact about her age) but it was good and I find Noah to be a relatable interviewee.

Interview at 15:46

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