News Comment 4

September 18, 2017

For this news comment I chose an article from the New York Times
Eight Dead From Sweltering Nursing Home as Florida Struggles After Irma. The article was relatively lengthy and I skimmed rather than read its entirety.

This particular news story references eight lives that were lost at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in Florida, as a result of Hurricane Irma.

While skimming the article. I gathered that it was written more like a tale than a news story. The inverted pyramid was not followed. Important information was scattered throughout the entire lengthy piece and the tone was more ‘storytelling’ than informative.

A lot of the content in the pice was repetitive or stretched out. The entire story could have been more condensed.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Yes, it is written as a feature. The main facts of the story had already been published. This is an article written from the iside out. If you remember back a bit, I said the HOW and the WHY are difficult to include in an immediate story. Given time to investigate, this is the attempt to explain how something like this could happen. The why may never really be known.

    Condensed is for people who are in a hurry. Like Campbell’s soup.

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