August 30, 2012

When I was walking into class this morning, I could not help but notice that it was way to warm for 9:30 in the morning. The suns warmth was much to hot on my face and back with my heavy backpack adding on to the heat of the day. I finally make it to the classroom that is lined with desks and chairs, so I weave around the maze of objects to finally reach my seat at the opposite side of the room. About halfway through class we are surprised with a delicious, cool treat provided by our professor. He slowly bobs and weaves around the room allowing each student to choose either ice cream or popsicles. When he finally gets to me, of course, I usually choose popsicles because they always remind me of childhood; walking around outside, seeing my dog sitting so patiently, with his big brown eyes, just hoping that I will drop some of my refreshing treat.

As I sit at my desk with my popsicle in hand, the wrapper is thin, almost tissue paper like. I can feel the coolness of the popsicle seeping through like ice cubes in a cup. I grab the seam of the wrapper and pull the top apart to reveal the brown stick of the popsicle and gently pull the it out of the package. Immediately, I dive right in and the slush completely fills and cools my mouth. The flavor is orange. I’ve never really liked orange popsicles. They often make me feel like I am eating bad, frozen orange juice. However, on this hot day and in this stuffy room, I’m just more thankful for the treat to get me through. The popsicle quickly starts to melt away so eating it must be rushed. Halfway through the problem of running into the stick is always awkward. To make it easier to eat I turn the stick sideways and begin to eat it that way. Finally, the popsicle is gone, so once again I slip the stick back into the wrapper until class is over.