People of Walmart

September 18, 2012

Many people have visited the website, People of Walmart. No matter how often I look at it, it still puts me in shock at the things people do and wear. Today, I just wanted to share my Walmart experience.

Now if you haven’t noticed already, this girl has hot pink pants on with a hole in the knee. However, look a bit closer. She is also walking around with NO shoes on! Apparently the rule, “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” does not apply to her.

Both her, her dad, my friend and I were doing the “zig zag” thing through all the grocery isles. It wasn’t until half way through the grocery section that I noticed. She was acting like “hot stuff” since there was a cute guy in a few of the isles with us too. Then I looked down. My first thought is, “That is absolutely disgusting.” Who in their right mind even feels comfortable walking around a store like that? I feel awkward when I’m in a SHOE STORE walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off.

I’m sorry hot-pink-pants girl, this is trashy and gross. If that cute guy did notice you, he was defiantly turned him off with your fashion statement. I have a very hard time believing you do not have a single pair of shoes to put on at this moment. Congratulations though, you have officially made the People of Walmart!!


UPDATE!- In Loving Memory

September 5, 2012

After attending the funeral of my friend this morning, my heart feels slightly lifted and I am slowly coming to peace with what terrible thing has happened. it became very apparent that some nasty roomers were floating around and it was so nice that someone during the funeral stood up and agreed they knew the media was being inaccurate. So this post is just to clear up those untruths about his accident.The original report was that he was riding a wheelie down 4th street and clipped a truck, that caused him to slide with the bike into the curb and become air borne.

A few of the rumors going around included the wheelie, driving recklessly and even drunk driving. NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE. Danny was a responsible driver and the accident was caused due to a MOTORCYCLE MALFUNCTION. His bike had a frayed clutch cable that likely snapped about the time he was letting the clutch out, to ease forward to the stop sign on 4th street. When it snapped, it made the motorcycle take off and he began to lose control of the bike. He held on tighter to the grips, causing it to get more throttle and go faster. When a clutch cable snaps, an experienced rider, like Danny, knows to get the bike into neutral, however, for those who know bike gears (1, N, 2, 3, 4, etc), it is most probable that he bumped it into 2nd gear instead of neutral. With the simultaneous action of giving it more throttle and missing neutral for 2nd, it gave the bike even more power and even less control. This would give the appearance of reckless driving and even doing a wheelie. Unfortunately, there was a truck that he clipped the back of, because he could not avoid it during all this confusion. Hitting the trucked made the bike and him slide into the curb forcing him to be air borne followed by hitting his head on one of the sculptures; which ultimately is what made his helmet come off.

There have been several eye witnesses coming forward to shed light on what really happened and for that The Norby’s, Nicole, Marissa and Danny’s close friends are very thankful. If you hear someone telling incorrect information about this accident, in honor of Danny, please correct them so that his memory will live on untarnished.


Bright Pink Thongs

August 28, 2012

Good afternoon bloggers!

I have a bit of a feminist rant today. I live off campus, so as I’m on my way to class this morning, I happen to be walking with some girls I don’t know, that I assume to be freshman or sophomores. As we are going along, I happen to notice that, “Holy crap…I can see through this girl’s shorts.” Now when I say ‘see-through,’ I do not imply that they are just thin or light colored material, but literally lace\crochet, see-through shorts. To top it all off, she has a hot pink thong underneath them. Classy. (Please note the sarcasm!)

Now, very clearly she is aware her shorts are see-through and more than likely she purposely put on a bright pink thong, as well. This is not a mistake made due to being rushed in the morning or poor lighting. As I said before I do not know this person, and she could very well be a nice girl but no one, from first impressions today, will ever know that. Why? Unfortunately, she now falls into my generalization that when girls purposely dress this way, it is obvious she only has one goal on her to-do-list: Be A Sex Object.

So, ‘Shorts Girl’ and girls all over the world, when you dress this way, hear me when I say, “NO ONE IS TAKING YOU SERIOUSLY!” In fact, no one is even looking at your face to PRETEND that they are taking you seriously. I suppose my point is this, “The way you dress, especially if you’re new to a place, is a huge first impressions factor. When your in an environment where you want people to listen to you and take you seriously, then dial the sex kitten knob down a few notches. There is a time and place to dress sexy and also a good and bad way to to do it. However, if your going to class, no one needs to see your business or your bright pink thong!”



My New World of Blogging!

August 24, 2012

Hello Morningsiders’ and Visitors!

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but wasn’t sure where to start- So here I am! I think my goal with this blog is to get more involved in news about artists, society, culture and maybe to even start being a bit more critical of the things in my environment. I am equally excited to be able to keep up with everyone else’s opinions, ideas, and news.