Final reflection questions:
1) In what ways did you meet or not meet your learning goals for the course?  Give specific examples.
I think for the most part I met my learning goals. I met two of them for sure- learning about hinduism and the history of yoga and other aspects. I’m not sure how much deeper I took my practice in preparation for yoga teacher training that starts in 12 days. I learned a lot about how I’d like to teach and what to incorporate, but as for my own practice I learn more in a studio setting.
2) What did you learn about yourself, your preferences, and your learning style from the course?  Give specified examples.
I learned how I want to teach come August when I’m a certified teacher. I’m excited to start my training. I want to teach in gratitude and compassion, definitely, but I also want the yoga flows to challenge everyone in the class. I learned a lot about meditation, most of which I didn’t know before, and I think this will help in the future.
3) Which practices, if any, will you continue in the future?  Why these? (Or, why none?)
I’ll be teaching hath a come August, so I’ll keep that going for sure. Same with karma- the karma yoga can happen in the small moments and small gestures, but it’s important to keep it going. As for the other two, I probably won’t practice it. It’s an odd thing for some aspects to be Westernized and the others to make us all feel uncomfortable. I really didn’t like bakti yoga because we had Kali, so it was weird to build a shrine to a god so intimidating.