Variation 1: Basket/Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirasana)


  1. On hands and knees, put forearms on the group and clasp hands together (can be open palms or closed)
  2. Pick knees up off the ground coming in to dolphin pose.
  3. Put crown of head in between the hands/wrists
  4. Walk feet in closer to the body (goal is to get hips over your shoulders). Press through the shoulders to avoid caving in to the neck which could lead to injuries.
  5. Pick one foot up keeping your hips square. Put back down and repeat on the other side.
  6. To get into the full expression,  slowly press legs one at a time in to the air and eventually the other foot will rise.
  7. Slowly come back down. Counter the pose in child’s pose.


Variations: use a wall for support

Variation 2: Tripod Headstand (Sirasana II)


  1. Begin on hands and knees.
  2. Spread fingers out wide to build your base.
  3. Put the crown of your head about a foot in front of your fingertips.
  4. Lift your hips into the air.
  5. Slowly walk your feet in to your body.
  6. Bring your knees on top of your elbows. You might just stay here for this pose.
  7. If available, lift each leg in to the air. Press through your shoulders- caving in will hurt your neck and lead to injury.
  8. Use your core to steady your body. Press through your heels bringing your toes toward your body.
  9. Slowly come back to your knees.
  10. Finish in child’s pose.

Variations: keep knees on elbows, crow to sirasana



  • relieves stress
  • strengthens the lungs
  • strengthens the abdominal muscles