Meet the New Boss (Leads Exercise)

In my News Feature and Writing class we’ve been discussing “leads,” the varying types, which work, and which ones don’t. For this exercise we were asked to pick a story and generate three different leads.

“Meet the New Boss” was a feature article written by Josh Eells in Rolling Stone’s August 30, 2012 issue. A portion of the article can be found HERE.

The original lead struck me as possibly being a mix of Contrast, Setting Scene, and maybe even Anecdote. Here are the three leads I chose:

Quote – “It wasn’t like he turned into Rick Ross overnight.”

Question – What do William Roberts, a corrections officer, and Rick Ross “The Boss,” an avid pot-smoking, rap mogul, have in common?

Contrast – He’s the only man alive with a diamond encrusted medallion of his own face, drops $500 on a meal for himself, and has 40 different rides to choose from on a day to day basis. What you don’t know about Rick Ross “The Boss,” legally named William Roberts, is…

Rick Ross “The Boss” on the cover of Rolling Stone’s 1164 Issue