Sexism and politics

Sexism is the way people see the other sex and what stereotypes they have in their heads. It also deals with men bashing women and making them stay inferior to them. It is important because it is stopping women from getting ahead of the male sex and contributing to the world. The media has a large impact on the way the nation perceives women and men. They control the pictures of the women that we see and the things that they say. It makes the view that we have of the people cloudy and not clear because we do not get the entire story.

The media portrays Hillary Clinton as an old woman that dresses too conservative. She is also viewed as to masculine because of the clothing and the things that she says. The media portrayed her as a mother that is extremely scolding and uptight about the smallest things. When she had Chelsea give up her chair because there was to many people was one example of her being a harsh mother.

On the other hand Sarah Palin was seen as a very attractive woman that wore very sexy outfits. Some sex novelty stores went so far to make a sex blow-up doll that looked just like her with a “sexy” business suit on. Other believed that she would take this race just like a beauty contest and not actually be ready to run the country if she were to win. Most people did not like how she had some many young children at home, and if she won the spot for presidency she would not have enough time with them.

They are prevalent because since the beginning of time women have been inferior to men and it hasn’t really changed. I know that women have more rights and freedoms now but mentally men still believe that women are below them. To me it is almost an instinct.

We should care because some women are not getting the opportunity that they deserve and they might just be able to do the job just as well, if not better, than a male. I believe that I do. I need to stop making sexist jokes and get the stereotypes, which I have grown up with, out and learn that there should be a more equal share of things in the life between a man and a woman. They probably do affect my life but I do not see them in a daily sense. Yes they do affect my future career. If these stereotypes disappeared it will be more of a struggle to get a job, and I can see a woman as a manager or in a boss position hiring a woman before a guy just because she is a woman.

It would matter a lot since it would be the first time, but it would not matter in the decision making. It seems that America cannot do anything right and there is no reason that we should try something new. It might just work. I do see issues with foreign countries looking at us in a different light and maybe trying to take advantage of us.


In our Honors class we have covered many new and interesting topics. They all have been able to keep me entertained and it was always enjoyable to listen to the discussion during class and read others blogs. The last class was probably the most fun because I really enjoy reading about current events. It keeps me up to date with the real world.


This reading was all about how the internet is slowly starting to cause people to be less social in day to day activities with the people around them. Instead they are starting to get on the internet and talk to people in chat groups. They did many tests and experiments to see if it was actually true and surprisingly it was true. People are becoming more depressed and starting not to participate in social activities that their community is having. They just sit at home and surf the web and talk to some person from across the world. There are some good points to the internet. It gives people a place to find information on virtually any topic that they could think of. It also allows socially awkward people to find a place that they feel comfortable so that they can have some people to talk to.

I think that the internet is a great thing but people need to know the dangers that it brings. People are getting smarter every day and coming up with new ways to snatch your identity. Then there are the people that pretend to be a different person online so that they can meet up with someone and possibly rape or kidnap them. I support the internet and always will but people should know what they could be getting themselves into before they get on it.


The first chapter of this book was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. It was clever how the author thought of all the different things that depend on randomness. It is very true that the world revolves around things that are random and randomness plays a role in all areas of life besides areas with specific rules and guidelines like math problems and English errors. One day you could be doing just fine and by randomness the next one of your cells could have turned cancerous and now you are facing a fatal cancerous. Randomness is helpful and sometimes detrimental.

I liked how he was rooting for Maris, a underdog. The Maris proceeded to break Babe Ruth’s homerun record in 1961. The majority of America was rooting for the other guy, Mantle. He was a more personable person and everyone enjoyed his company while Maris was more secretive and kept mostly to himself. It was by randomness that he was the one that broke the record but at the same time it wasn’t all randomness according to Mr. Mlodinow studies. His studies showed that he was capable to beat the record. It was by randomness that Mantle’s knees did give out before he was able to bet the record.


This was a very interesting reading. I am not entirely sure what we will be discussing in class today but whatever it is I bet that it will get my attention just any other of the topics that we have covered.

More or less the sections we read were about people that worked in job that don’t get the best pay or any pay but the people that work them still feel that they are contributing to society just by the little things that they do every day. The farmer is the person that is literally holding our country together because when the Great Depressing happened it was because the farmers had a surplus of crops and nowhere to send them to. When they started losing money so did everyone else. The waitress was very pleased with her job because she is getting money quickly and she loves to be social.

College tuition through the roof!

I enjoyed reading both of the articles because both were very informing. The first article that I read was the blog by Joy Resmovits and it was concerned about the “race to the top” issue and how President Obama wants to make a one billion dollar program that would reward states for lowering college tuition costs. This program would also include thing such as standards that would be between K-12 and a post-secondary education. This proposition would make it harder to get out of high school and also more difficult to enter a public university or college. The article also talks about how President Obama wants to have an online site where people could go to see a list of colleges and their graduation rate, net costs, and employment information. I think that would be a good idea since it would give possible students a chance to see information that is important for the future and not just the information that the college gives them.

The other article was more about things that Robert Sternberg did not want to happen if Obama were to create a bill and send it through Congress and the Senate. There are ten points that he makes that are things that he believes could happen if the government tries to push a proposed bill through too fast. He saw it happen with the No Child Left Behind Act that crippled public schools and the way that they teach certain subjects like history, civics, and the arts. These subjects were “put on the back burner” since schools are not forced to focus on those areas and schools also became more concentrated on the core areas since they would be tested over them. The tests that the schools gave to the students should not have been given since the tests were too difficult or just have not been revised to make them reasonable. According to his article some schools started lowering their standards once they realized that they were not going to make the goals that the federal government made.

I personally believe that the article by Joy Resmovits was more political than the article by Robert Sternberg. Joy’s article seemed to have statistical data that showed how college tuition has increased and also showed that how the government was taking grants and subsidized loans away from students. It also had quotes from political leaders in different groups of the federal government. The second one was more of the opinion and past history of the author rather than data to support his decisions.

The proposal seems to be beneficial and could help future students get into a school and also be able to get through the education process with as little debt as possible. The government definitely has to do something about the rising tuition prices. I do like the stance that Mr. Sternberg takes and how we wants the government to sit down and take some time to figure what truly needs to be done to help with students debt issues. The government seems to take things too fast and throws in new laws right before the bill passes and then no one knows what they are really voting for. I feel that is what happened with the new medical health care bill that passed.

Music and Politics

Both of these articles were discussing whether or not music should have political stances and what if they do take some kind of political stance will it be as good as one that doesn’t.  The first article was about Trinidad and the music that they which is called “calypso.” It is similar to rap and good beats in the back and many of the lyrics are about the government and how it is unfair. Some songs seem happy and upbeat but deal with the Trinidad people hating white people, and the white people that listen to the music have no idea what the song is about.  The other article is about how when political issues are mixed with music and how it is tough to get the right combination of the two to make a good song.

I personally disagree I enjoy having political issues in songs. It is just another way to express the way people think about them and sometimes how to deal with them. It has also made many new types of genres and people have made a lot of money off of those songs. I would also consider political songs like the Grand ole Flag, America, God Bless America. If that is so these songs are great way to mix politics and music into one great combination.

E.W.E. and Pete’s Famous

The first article that I read was the one about Edwin Edwards. Edwin was a four time governor and congressman for Louisiana. We went to jail for racketeering while being the governor. While he was in those positions people loved him and thought that he was doing everything right for their state. He started a fund for schools which now has over one billion dollars in it. He travels around the state with his 32 year old wife, he is 84, and talks with old friends and is always making new ones. He and his wife met while he was in prison. She heard about him and started to visit him and I guess that she is hot in a plan country kind of way. The people of Louisiana still think that he should be governor even though he is a felon. He had a certain swagger about him that made people feel safe and felt that he truly cared about them.

I can see why that people like him so much but I am not sure that he belongs in the governor position. Like that people feel that they can make a connection with him and be able to talk to him. I disagree with the way that he handles himself. I feel that he is too egocentric and only wants people’s attention. I do not like how he uses the government to get more money. I think that his morals are just different than mine.

The second article was about Gus and his restaurant Pete’s Famous Hot Dog. He has owned it since 1948 and has been working there every day, except for Christmas and Thanksgivings. But he recently just passed away and there is no one to take over the business since nobody knows his secret recipe for his sauce.  There is now an organization called Southern Foodways Alliance that is trying to protect little businesses like Gus’s from dying. They do not want them to die just because the original owner, or someone that has been working there for a long time, passes away and does not pass down recipes.

I do think that it is a shame that Pete’s Famous will never be in business again. After reading the article I want to go and try a hot dog from that place. I think that the Southern Foodways Alliance is a great idea to have around. These small restaurants should be available to future generations so that they can know what things were like in the past.

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