Piroulines look like straws filled with a very sweet and creamy chocolate. They are very lightweight as they can easily be broken. Physically they are between a cream and a tan color with a brown chocolate stripe that surrounds the whole straw. If you eat a whole Pirouline your mouth could feel a little bit dry so eating them while you take coffee could be a great idea. They presentation is usually of tons of them in a metal jar so they are also a good option to share with others.


This past week, the 4th and 5th, the 2021-22 Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) Championships Fall Section for women golf was held in Vermillion, South Dakota. Morningside women’s Golf team, the four-time defending GPAC champion, was the clubhouse leader after 36 holes with a 612 (+36). The Mustangs did a good job since the beginning as they started with great shots an amazing scores. This conference tournament was really competitive as it is one more step towards the national GPAC conference. The GPAC Women’s Golf Champion receives an automatic berth in the NAIA Women’s National Golf Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at the Rose Creek Golf Course.

Individually, Sofia Castelan leaded the field with a 36-hole total of 150 (+6). She was followed by another Mustang, the senior Maria Zorrilla in second place and then in third place by Laia Badosa. This three Mustangs were competing against the other teams, but also against each other in a friendly way. Laia Badosa, a senior who had won in the past several different awards during her golf career at Morningside said the following “Yes, it’s a very competitive environment and being completely honest I considered that we all from the team are. However, even if someone of the team is not having its best game, we all get happy an excited when the other ones do. At the end, we are a team and we shared that feeling of happiness when someone is doing things right and being successful”

This dream team is currently one of the best ones in the conference but not recently as they have been giving their best for 4 consecutive years and those efforts have been successful and fruitful.  Badosa, who is in her last moments as a Morningside Golfer was feeling very emotional at the time of this interview as she considered that this sport had gave her a family, amazing experiences, memorable trips, and specially a coach as Todd Sapp who she considers like a father. At the end, she added the following to conclude with this interview and article: “The women team is awesome. We all always showed up with great attitude and come ready to play. We just do the things we know, in the best way each of us knows. We all have different techniques and ways to play, but at the end we know our game and we do our thing. Thanks Mustangs golf family”


When Elizabet Obermeier, a Morningside University senior, is asked about college and personal life during the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of different things come to her mind. The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, as was the case with Elizabeth. She considers that last year was definitely worse and more complicated than this one.

Luckily for her, since the beginning of the pandemic, when the times were harder, until now, none of her family members have gotten this virus, but despite that, the fear was still there. The fear she felt if she contracted the virus was not because of her, since she thought that her recovery would be good and fast since she is a healthy person, however the fact of contracting the virus and infecting someone close to her was what made her be uneasy.

Obermeier, who is a busy student working towards her 3 majors, was asked how she felt in the quarantine time when everyone was home and what was going through her mind regarding the school and the situation in general. She said, that the online classes were not to her liking at all. “During that time, the biggest thing was not having breaks and getting burnout because of homework and things to do as everything was on zoom. It was a hard time for mental health but professors understood the situation and were patients and flexible with us ”. However, she added the following about something she found positive about this situation, “Being in our houses taking all of our classes on the computer made us creative on how to organize things, specially in groups”.

Now, after approximately a year and a half since the pandemic began, a time in which many things changed and today she has returned to face-to-face classes, Elizabeth sees things in a different way. Morningside University took action against the pandemic of which she considers the following, “They went over it the right way because they took the precautions needed even though it was definitely hard as not all the students were on the same page and some of them were not taking all the precautions the should have ”. But more recently, since the vaccinations began, she says she feels that it is a relief in some way as the risk is still there but it feels more safe. She is definitely excited to back on presencial classes without having to wear masks as sitting in classrooms with masks was uncomfortable and also as depending on the class, some of them needed to be presential to get the best from them as some other were difficult to take on-line. She just hopes that people keep taking the needed precautions and continue to be smart and do what they need to do to don’t go back to the “nerve-wrecking” times as she said.

Class Activity: Find objects and Interview

In September 21 of 2021, for a Journalism Class in Morningside College, students were asked to go out of the classroom, talk with people they may don’t know, and collect 2 items that were assigned to each.

The items to find in one of the specific sheets were “a favorite movie/TV quote” and a “pocket lint”. For the first object, Samantha Knight, a golfer who graduated from Morningside College in 2021, with a Business and Political Science major, was found running some errands around campus. When asked about what her favorite movie or TV quote is she responded with “Our lives are full opportunities, even the ones we miss.” From one of her favorite movies, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Bottom”. She said, “This phrase means a lot to me as it really makes me think a lot and analyze things deeply before making a decision”. She also added, “I used to be very impulsive and just go with the flow of things, but know I think is important to take a breath and then act. Opportunities come and go, but it is up to you to choose which ones will be beneficial if you decide to take them.” Samantha needed to leave to continue with her errands and daily tasks, but she left us with this quote worth to think about.

For the second object, the pocket lint, Blake Hanson, a Senior Biology student from Morningside opened us the doors from the laundry of the Dimmit Hall building. While walking downstairs, Blake commented even he is a Senior, he has only study 3 years at Morningside but that he really likes it. That is because, as he said, “It’s the place where I discover who I really am, who I want to be, and I met the most important person in my life right now, my girlfriend Alex.” It has been a really good time so far, but Blake is excited about the future, to start a new phase of his late this upcoming May after graduation, work in a Physical clinic, and live more moments with Alex and his family.


      This year Met Gala event was full of controversies that arised different reactions from the audience in all social media platforms. Some of the situations that occurred this past Monday involves political messages, multi-cultural awareness, covid vaccine concerns and a theme that was interpreted in some many different ways by the event attendants.

But first of all, what is the Met Gala? As known as the fashion’s biggest night of the year, held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and “the equivalent on the fashion world to the Oscars”, as the Vogue magazines states, is a night when celebrities like Hollywood stars, re-known people, singers, fashion designers, models, and this year also influencers, get reunited in their more extravagant, expensive, and creative wardrobes to be part of the  fundraise of new exhibits from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. 

This event has been held the first Monday of each May since 1948 however, last year was canceled and postponed to this September due to the Pandemic we are currently living. Moreover, each year has a specific theme that attendants must follow and take as an inspiration for their costumes. This year exhibit at the museum and theme for the event was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, this was expected to be taken in more than one way and it did.

But the event this year was about more than fashion. One of the most relevant headings from Buzzfeed News this week was “Nicki Minaj Tweeted About Her Cousin’s Friend’s Swollen Testicles And People Lost It”. The background about this surprising heading is that Twitter users started to arise concers about the Covid Vaccine when the world famous american rapper Nicky Minaj twitted that she wouldn’t be attending the Met Gala on Monday because she hadn’t “done enough research” to make a decision and vaccines were required for all the attendants. Minaj continued with a concerning tweet about her “cousin’s friend who received the COVID-19 vaccine and then called off his wedding because “His testicles became swollen.””. The complete tweet says “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied” The internet responded in different ways, some with serious alarms and concerns and other ones with memes and jokes about the situation. Eventhough the world scientists have presented that the vaccine is the best way to avoid and combat the virus, Nicky Minaj became the most recent famous person to publicly express doubt about it.

But not only about Covid, Political messages also had a big impact in this Gala. The Washington Post presented that “the cost for a seat at last night’s Met Gala started at $35,000, and tables went for $200,000 to $300,000”. This gave an opportunity to the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to wear a white dress with the “TAX THE RICH” phrase on the back written with blood red letters, in a event full of the elitist, rich and most famous persons. On the other hand of the politcal messages in this event, we have Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) who wore a gown adorned with the purple, white and gold colors of the suffrage movement and a sash that read, “Equal Rights for Women.” On her bag, “ERA YES” could be read referring to the proposed Equal Rights Amendment that would amend the U.S. Constitution to eliminate discrimination based on sex. The messages from both characters had a great impact on the audience that expressed their strong points of views and opinions.

Besides Covid and Politics, about the Gala itself, another important point in this event was the interpretation of the theme by the attendants. “You get two types of people at the Met Gala”, Jame Jackson, Buzzfeed fashion and beauty journalist based in NYC with several years of experience in the field, expressed, “ You get the people who want to look cute and then you’ve got the people who want to go on theme. It’s really refreshing to see that someone is willing to get out of their comfort zone and to step into it” she added.

Some of the people wanted to go off-topic to express their opinions about current issues. Others, with their interpretations of the topic expressed with their outfits what America and its fashion mean to them. Examples can be from the celebration of iconic American celebrities, to highlighting historical trends or moments from the pop culture. DesignBoom Magazine put on the spotlight some of the attendees that took the American theme a bit more literal: “Debbie Harry made a nod to the american flag with a Zac posen-designed dress; Billie Eilish channeled Marylin Monroe with an Dscar De La Renta nude tulle dress; Amanda Gorman with a statue of liberty-inspired blue dress; Grimes with an Iris Van Herpen look which references the cult movie Dune; and Gigi Hadid in prada giving us major Jessica Rabbit vibes.”.

This event was full emotions, reactions, and surprises, as each each year Met Gala is. The audience never know what to expect besides fashion so let’s wait untill this May for a whole new experience. 








Woodbury County – A collision of two cars two miles east of Sioux City on Hwy. 28 left 1 dead and 3 injured persons. The deceased, a resident of South Iowa City, is Moyer Quick, aged 65. The vehicle Quick was driving collided with a truck driven by Randy Radin, 17, of Swan Lake at 11 a.m. yesterday morning. 

The three survivors were transported by ambulance to Sioux City General Hospital. Two of them were passengers in the Quick vehicle: his wife, Dorothy Quick,  61, also of South Iowa Sioux, who is in “good” condition, and Maxine Steuerwald, 43, who is in “fair” condition  and who’s relationship with the driver is not known. Radin, the driver of the other truck is listed as “critical,” with a fractured skull and internal injuries. 

South Iowa Highway Patrolman, Patric Stewart, said both vehicles were proceeding in a westerly direction on the two-lane highway. Quick passed the Radin vehicle but his rear-end struck Radin as he completed the pass. The impact sent both vehicles into the ditch on the north side of the road. The accident, which is still under investigation, occurred under cloudy skies with rain in the forecast. 


Sioux City, Iowa – Because of concerns that troopers could develop cancer from long-term exposure to the radiation waves emitted by the devices, yesterday East Dakota Highway patrol ordered ban of hand–held radar guns. 

The move is considered to be the first of its kind by a state police agency. It comes two months after three municipal officers in Central City filed workman’s compensation claims, saying they developed cancer from using the hand–held units.

Adam Smith, a the spokeman said “The feeling here is to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue,” he also added “The whole situation is under review.”

The ban affects 70 radar guns that will be withdrawn from service.  State troopers will continue to use radar units with transmitters mounted on the outside of their cruisers. While studies are conducted into the possible links between cancer and the use of such guns, the ban was ordered as a precaution. 

Get to know Payton Miller!

Payton Miller was born on May 23 of 2002. With just 19 years, Payton is a persevering and ambitious person who always gives her best to achieve her goals and succeed. She is from Rock Springs, Wyoming, but she is currently a student at Morningside College in Sioux City,  Iowa, which she chose because it was far away from everyone she went to school with her whole life. She is studying General Psychology and Mass Communication. With her Mass Communication major, combined with her photography hobby, she wants someday to achieve her dream job of being a Photographer for National Geographic.

Besides studying for her major, Miller is actively involved in campus as being part of the CEO group, the KMSC radio, and the Swimming team. Talking about swimming, she started in this sport when she was young following her sister, Tanny Miller, steps. The swim team where she started at that time was just beginning and they didn’t have many kids so the coach recruited her to be part of the team. What Payton likes the most about this sport  is that she doesn’t depend on anyone else and nobody depends on her, but still has a team to have fun with. 

Leaving school aside and getting to know Payton more personally and deeply, she describes herself with 3 words as a Positive, Driven and Hardworking person, and that is shown in everything she does. She also considers that one big turning point in her life that changed her in some way was while swimming, the day she stopped worrying about how her coach was gonna yell at her and started worrying about what she really thought about herself and how to improve, taking into account the best piece of advice she considers she’ve ever been given that was “Don’t do anything for anyone else. If you’re gonna do anything, do it for yourself.”

After all this, it could be said that Payton’s future is still not completely clear but she definitely has goals and objectives set and with her great personality and strengths, she will achieve whatever she wants.