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About Me

Hello everyone,

I’m Cammy, it has been awhile since I’ve made another blog site, so if it isn’t the best you’ve seen please forgive me. I’m trying to get back into my mojo and post up more links to the latest news articles for all of you to read and share your opinion with me.

Anyways, this post was suppose to be about me, so let me see where I should start. Well, I’m currently a sophomore at Morningside College, double majoring in Mass Communication and Psychology. I know what you’re all thinking, “what an odd pair to major in” but truth be told those two majors are the only two that have classes I do unbelievably well in. I’m planning to work as a part-time news anchor or journalist just to save up enough to attend graduate school to be a counselor. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish that and move on with life just like everyone else. Another thing about me is that I love to write, but I prefer creative writing than any other type of writing. However, in my freshman year of college I joined the Collegian Reporter, which I sort of slacked off a lot due to schoolwork and my job. But I did have fun writing up quite a few stories that I never sent in to the school editor… Oh well! There’s always this semester which I could make up for all those days I could have had my stories on the school paper/online paper.

I guess that’s all I could say about myself, if you want to get to know my personality just read my posts and you’ll eventually figure out how I am as a person.