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Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Emily on 13-11-2011

The scandal at Penn State is appalling. With the exception of Mike McQueary, the people concealing the crime were only concerned about covering their own butts.

Do the students supporting Paterno realize what he has been a part of? Maybe they don’t want to believe it. What if this had happened to their younger sibling or another young family member? I don’t think they would be as supportive.

I hope that the innocent children who were harmed are able to receive justice from this horrible scandal. They might need years of therapy and counseling. Hopefully, they will be able to have relatively normal lives.

I have never been able to understand why some people involved in sports activities, especially at schools, feel that they should get special treatment. If a football coach commits a crime, he should be treated just the same as anyone else. For people in high positions of authority at Penn State to brush the sexual abuse under the rug is disgusting.

Here is another article that I think provides clarification to this complicated case.

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fuglsang on 14 November, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

McQueary is not getting off quite so easy, Emily. He didn’t exactly go out of his way to right a wrong. I’m not so sure Paterno diid anything wrong, but neither did he do anything that might have brought shame up on the athletic department. It came before the welfare of the kids being abused, I think.