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Noisy Food on Fourth Street

Emily L. Domayer

September 13, 2011

            I gaze at the purple lights. They are violet blue half circles. No matter how many times I come here, I enjoy looking at them. Light faintly filters through the three high windows that nearly reach the ceiling. The large window at the front of the restaurant provides light for the large plants. I love that there are no harsh lights to be found, no pasty, white glaring lights. I am at Rebo’s, a “New” Mexican Caribbean restaurant.

            The ambiance is lively, and the taste in décor is eclectic. A moose head, art from local artists, and vibrantly colored sea creatures decorate the walls. There is a mounted sail fish and photographs of small children. The children remind me of Precious Moments figurines come alive. For the sports fans sitting at the bar, a large flat screen TV is showing ESPN.

            A waitress comes up to my table and asks what I would like to drink. I order a Sprite. I am people-watching from my table by the bar. A woman walks in wearing a bright orange dress and black espadrilles. Her shoes look painful to wear and I am briefly reminded of how comfortable my three year old, worn-in Roxy shoes are. She sits at the bar. A well dressed man in a black shirt and gray pants walks in and sits down next to the woman in the orange dress.

            The waitress comes back to my table with the Sprite. She asks if I am ready to order food and I tell her that I am. I order my favorite sandwich, the California Chicken Club. The waitress leaves. I take the first sip of Sprite and the bubbly citrus taste refreshes me. A song is playing, and it sounds like Eric Clapton, although I’m not sure. Most of the music at Rebo’s would appeal more to people of older generations, like my parents.

            From the table next to me, other customers’ food is wafting toward my nose. I smell bacon, chicken and spicy tomatoes. There are a lot of great entrees to order at Rebo’s. The flat bread pizzas have a crunchy, crispy crust and a delectable array of toppings. There are traditional Mexican dishes such as chimichangas and enchiladas. Bacon wrapped shrimp is available, too.

            Suddenly, I smell guacamole and aioli sauce. I turn around and I see the waitress coming to my table with my sandwich. She smiles at me as she sets the plate down on the table. I thank her and she leaves. I overhear her tell the people at the next table about the dessert specials. The restaurant has become more crowded and now there people waiting for tables. I am glad that I came early.

            When I first bite into my sandwich, I taste one of my favorite combinations: chicken and cheese. The tomatoes and guacamole provide temperature contrast from the chicken. Sprouts add a fun crunch and the aioli complements the guacamole well. All these ingredients are in between two lightly toasted, lightly buttered bread buns.

            I have only eaten half of my sandwich and most of my salad when the waitress comes back to my table and asks if I am ready for dessert. She tells me what the choices are. I decide to get the Bananas Foster. Ice cream, chunks of banana, pecans, and a praline sauce with a hint of rum are the ingredients in this delicious concoction.

            Rebo’s is located in the Krummann building, in the Historic 4th Street District in Sioux City. Built in 1889 in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, the building was a grocery store into the 1930s. It was restored in 1998. Shortly after that, it was a music store and restaurant called Uncle John’s. Later, it was a bakery named the Bread Basket. In 2004, the current owners opened the Rebo’s restaurant.

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fuglsang on 15 September, 2011 at 2:25 am #

Maybe you should be doing restaurant reviews, Emily. You have good sensory details. Your focus seems to be the process of ordering food at a restaurant. The one suggestion I would make — and this is a bit odd — is maybe a bit more visual description of your surroundings.

Include a photo. Quotes?

Emily on 22 September, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

Hi. I wrote this and I am female.