Third day at the Center

Today I went in for a short period to walk a couple of dogs.  I took a cute little white dog on a walk and then a cute little brown and black dog for a walk.

Every time I go in to the Center I just ask for a leash and then I am on my own the rest of the way out.  There was a lady I believe I saw before and she is always really friendly.  Every time I came through the front with a dog she always made a comment about the dog and how cute they were or whatnot.  That was really the only leadership I saw today and it seemed to be enough for me.  As a volunteer the goal of coming in and walking dogs is pretty easy and needs little supervision to complete, so for her to simply make the environment friendly and welcoming makes me want to come back more often.

I did not engage in any leadership activities and there were no opportunities presented either.  I just simply walked the dogs by myself and was on my way.

I always feel good after leaving the Center because I love dogs and seeing them on walks makes me feel good about myself because, even though they are just a dog, their happiness makes me feel happier too.  Also, the first dog I walked was a little white Maltese Terrior mix and it looked just like my mom’s dog at home so that kind of hit home which was really nice.