The Sanchize: A Deeper Look at the Jets’ QB Controversy

State of the Sanchize: A Look at the Jets’ QB Troubles


Mark Sanchez is not the answer. He’s no longer even a question. The Jets know what they have in the former first round pick out of Southern Cal: They have a sixth overall selection who never quite rose to the expectations his team had for him. To quote one NFL analyst, they have a “butt-fumbling pick machine.” In his first two years in the league (09-10) they had a game manager and a steady running game, and now the Jets find themselves delegated to relying on a former 4th string New Orleans Saint to carry the load.

Franchises usually follow one of two general principles when deciding on their future signal-caller. The first: the organization can choose to support a quarterback, putting weapons around him and giving him the resources to succeed. The second: cut ties, start over, and draft a young man you have some level of comfort with. I’d like to personally congratulate the Jets for doing neither. This article is not meant to slam the Jets staff and owner, Harry Wismer. It is simply to express my frustration with this so-called controversy brewing amongst the Gang Green.

In several articles over the past couple months, (including the couple linked below), you can see the underlying issue of a serious riff growing between a stubborn coach and a stubborn owner. The Jets drafting Geno Smith in the second round alludes to the fact that Sanchez’s days is numbered as number one on the depth chart. Then again, who could blame them for moving on? Considering his sporadic, and sometimes comical play, it seems highly unlikely that “The Sanchize” will suddenly morph into a Manning-esque field general and lead the Fighting Rex Ryans back to the promised land. The issue at hand, however, comes with the injury sustained by Sanchez in week three of the preseason.

After a dismal performance by Smith in the first three quarters, including a mere 199 yards while completing 16 of 30 passes. He ran out of the back of the endzone in one of the most impressive displays of ignorance in recent memory, and threw three interceptions, half as many as he had thrown his entire senior year at West Virginia. to win the game, and possibly boost morale, Coach Rex Ryan re-inserted the incumbent starter into the lineup. Sanchez went down not too long after with an injured right throwing shoulder and is listed as day-to-day.

The moral of this story is that there is no winner. As an organization, you have to draft a kid that fits your system. If you’re going to run a ground-and-pound offense, then drafting a pure shotgun quarterback doesn’t really make much sense, especially without any weapons around him. I’m personally a fan of Rex Ryan, mostly because of his press conference shenanigans, but if they don’t get this situation handled, or at least DECIDED soon, this season is going to be just another disaster. Consider this team wrapped in caution tape. Save yourself and just stay away.

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