Shooting Report

Only three hours after tying the knot, Richard Brunson, 50, shot his new wife, Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, in the abdomen after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at him.

Vicki Holmes, a neighbor from across the street, stated that the ceremony took place at 2 p.m. and, “it was a lovely little ceremony on the front porch with about thirty relatives and friends.” Three of which were Laurette’s children.

According to Sergeant Mann, “Brunson used a .22 caliber gun to shoot his wife.” The calamity took place around 5 p.m. and by the time police arrived, Kenny Brunson had fled the scene and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Laurette Brunson was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and is in satisfactory condition according to hospital officials.

Article 2 Draft

Contraceptives have gotten a bad rep especially among those who don’t fully understand the many benefits birth control has to offer, other than prevent pregnancies. The Affordable Care Act guaranteed women that they would be have access to the birth control of their choice regardless of their employers or insurers religious beliefs and now Trump is stepping changing that.

This ACA has helped thousands of women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay out of pocket for their contraceptive and has helped teen pregnancies reach an all-time low.

Now health care providers have the option to deny women access to contraceptives is it goes their personal beliefs. Because organizations with religious based objections were already being offered accommodations for their employees to receive coverage through other means, the change is not about religious freedom.

This action will put countless women including college students, teenagers, single mothers, poor women at risk for unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy related health issues, menstrual issues, etc.

News Comment 7

It is possible that as of Friday October 3rd, employers will no longer be required to include birth control coverage in their insurance plans. Employers and insurers who don’t disapprove of contraceptives have the right to refuse the option based “on sincerely held religious beliefs.”

I must say I do not agree with this one bit. Personal religious beliefs should have no place in deciding whether a female employee should be provided contraceptives. The way I see it, using birth control is a very personal decision that every woman should decide for herself. If you don’t approve of contraceptives, don’t use them. But do not refuse to offer me the option.

9/26 Exercises

The last person I spoke to was a caucasian male with dirty blonde curly hair, that is lightly combed over to his left side, bright blue eyes with a small scar over his left eye and thick eyebrows. His cheeks are almost always rosy and his face is almost always shaven.

He is about 6’5 and around 245 lbs. with fairly muscular arms and very muscular legs. He was wearing a dark grey athletic short sleeve shirt, light grey jeans, and black Nike tennis shoes.

He gives off a rather friendly vibe even though he walks with a straight face.


Sensory Writing


Smell- fresh & sweet

Touch- cold, wet, & a little bumpy due to seeds

Sight- bright red, hundreds of little seed on the surface. The inside is smooth and wet with a hallow center

Sound- None

Taste- sweet, juicy, fresh

Chocolate Filled Waffle Straw:

Smell- kind of smells like a biscuit/cookie

Touch- rough slightly bumpy texture

Sight- tan in color, chocolate coming out of both ends, single chocolate swirl going down, about an inch smaller than the length of my hand

Sound- Crunchy

Taste- very sweet chocolaty taste


News Comment 5

Today, James C. McKinley Jr wrote an article titled “In Rape Case at Rikers: Did Guards Turn a Blind Eye?” which addressed numerous rapes that took place in New York’s Department of Correction Rikers Island. The article talks about assaults on different inmates all by the same perpetrator in multiple locations around the jail under video surveillance. One victim has come forward and is pressing charges. Claims have been made that the rapist, Alexandria James, had help from some of the staff who apparently gave James access to closed off areas where assaults took place and gave her materials used in the attacks.

Fortunately, there is an ongoing investigation that will hopefully answer questions such as, if the jail has video surveillance around the building why were none of the assaults stopped and reported by the officers? How did James get access to closed off areas? How did James get access to banned materials used in some of the assaults? How could this have gone on as long as it did?

The San Andreas Fault

With all the natural disasters and strange events taking place all over the world within such a short period of time, I believe it is safe to express concern for possibly one of the most catastrophic earthquakes to hit California. Events such as Hurricane Irma in Florida/Atlanta, both the hurricane and earthquake that hit Mexico last week, “raining rocks” in Pakistan, Trumpets in the sky in Iran, the awakening of a dormant volcano in the Galapagos, the list just goes on and on. However, California is my home so I chose to focus on the San Andreas Fault.

In an article titled, “Warning Signs Point To Major Earthquake On San Andreas Fault,” written by Paul Martin, he states that, “A study published earlier this year concluded that the land on either side of the San Andreas fault has been pushing against the other at a rate of more than 1 inch per year since 1857, and the tensions between the plates are eventually going to give out.” According to Seismologist Lucy Jones, the earthquake is expected to be an 8.2 if it reaches Paso Robles, to put things in perspective, that is far more force than the energy created by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Another source Martin quoted was U.S. Geological Surveys seismologist Ned Field. Field has been warning Californians since 2015 that Southern California is “locked and loaded” and once the fault starts unleashing, “they could unleash for years.” The earthquake is expected to be felt all over California and cause damage in every city, stated Jones.

The article ends by stating that, “Not only could a major San Andreas earthquake damage most of Southern California’s cities, a quake could cause another to occur on the Hayward fault in the Bay Area.” If this ends up happening, both Southern California and the Bay Area would be in major distress, possibly elevating the number of victims to a “staggering and incomprehensible number.”

“California Earthquake Prediction: San Andreas Fault Line ‘Ready To Go,” by John Houck addresses a U.S. Geological Survey report that was published back in 2008 predicted the earthquake would be a 7.8-magnitude and cause “over 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries, and $200 billion in property damage.” Now that the expected magnitude has gone up, so has the expected number of deaths, injuries, cost in property damage, and the anticipated two minutes of ground shaking time.

In 2015 the movie, San Andreas, starring The Rock was released and gave a preview of the damage the powerful fault will unleash once the earthquake hits. Sarah Zielinski’s article “What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One? A major earthquake will cause plenty of destruction along the West Coast, but it won’t look like it does in the movies,” explains the inaccuracies of the film. Director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, Thomas Jordan, stated that “While the actual threats of the from the Big One are pretty terrifying, they are nowhere near the devastation witnessed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his onscreen companions.” Apparently, the San Andreas fault lies far inland and the land slips past on either, meaning the earthquake won’t cause the fault to split apart into a “giant chasm” as shown in the film. Also, the tsunami is unrealistic because of inland the fault is. The only way for the tsunami to happen would be if the fault generating the earthquake was on the ocean floor.

Several years ago, a group of earthquake experts assembled to create the ShakeOut Scenario. The process of creating the scenario began with seismologists modeling how the ground would shake, then other experts including engineers and social scientists took that information to estimate the damage and impacts following the earthquake. The quake will be followed by a snowball effect of damage, first, numerous of fires will ignite across California. With the water system damaged and roads blocked, emergency personnel won’t be able to put out the fires. The small fires will merge creating fires large enough to take whole sections of LA. Lines bringing electricity, water, and gas to Los Angeles, all cross the San Andreas fault, will break and take months to repair. Finally, aftershocks will continue to shake the state in the following days worsening the damage.

Semiologist Lucy Jones believes that the scenario is “somewhat of an underestimate” especially if the earthquake happens while the Santa Ana Winds are blowing.

Bottom line, chances are that the results from the San Andreas fault will be far worse than anticipated and could possibly leave Los Angeles stripped of its busy reputation and abandoned.

News Comment 3

“Hurricane Irma, One of the Most Powerful in History,  Roars Across Caribbean,” written by Frances Robles, Kirk Semple, and Richard Perez-Pena does a great job at answering questions the reader may have about the storm. Also, the adjectives used to describe the hurricane and the damage help to paint an accurate mental image. Some of those adjectives include “terrifying force” and “near-zero visibility.”

The article includes the approximate populations, known casualties, expected damage for the days to come, water height, and wind speed from. Quotes from The National Hurricane Center, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe of France, French interior minister Gérard Collomb,  and a few other important figures from surrounding countries and islands.

Overturned Gasoline Truck

Four families were evacuated due to sewer-line gas after a Texaco gasoline truck overturned on the outskirts of town.

The gas flooded sewer lines, streets and ditches between 48th Street and Correctionlville Road.

It took about two hours for the gas to flush away and allow cars back on to these streets, in the meantime drivers were forced to use alternate routes.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says: “The Fireman followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence.”

Strong Lead

This article has a both a strong title and a strong lead, it is intriguing from the very beginning. The article is titled “Hurricane Irma, One of the Most Powerful in History, Roars Across Carribean,” the word choice “..Most Powerful in History..” makes you want to read on and find out what makes it so powerful. Francis Robles, Kirk Semple, and Richard Perez-Pena chose to begin the article with , “SAN JUAN, P.R. — Hurricane Irma struck the northeast Caribbean with terrifying force Wednesday, its battering rain and winds of up to 185 miles per hour leaving a trail of chaos, wreckage and flooding from Barbuda to Puerto Rico, before taking aim at islands farther west and, beyond them, Florida.” The adjectives like “terrifying force,” ‘battering rain,” “chaos,” and “wreckage,” all assist in giving you a mental image of the storm.

News Comment 2

This week the article I chose to write about it titled “U.N. Human Rights Chief Condemns Trump’s Attacks on Media,” written by Nick Cumming-Bruce. The article explained peoples concerns for journalists when Trump is calling out news organizations as being “fake news.”

It appears that most people, except our president himself, can see how self-involved in a sense he is. With so many greater events taking place such as the missile North Korea shot over Japan, Hurricane Harvey, and the uprising of neo-nazis, it appears that Donald Trump’s main priority is accusing the media of false reports.

Sarah Huckabee, the White House press secretary, stated in an email that “…The president is focused on growing our economy, creating jobs, securing our border and protecting Americans. Since those are also the priorities of most Americans, hopefully the media will make covering them theirs.”

My question is, why would huge news organizations such as CNN and NYTimes, which are amongst the most trusted news outlets of 2017, be giving false news. Yes, Trump may not be the most well-liked presidents, however, he has said things and shown unpleasant sides of himself that you would never expect in the man running a country. If he can confidently say, “grab ’em by the pussy” and not see just how degrading and inappropriate that is, he has no room to be offended when news organizations release certain new stories about actions he regrets.How are there so many people out there that still support our president who has proven time and time again, that he truly does not have the best interest of ALL Americans at

I would also like to know how are there so many people out there that still support our president who has proven time and time again, that he truly does not have the best interest of ALL Americans at heart.

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