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Boulder on FIRE!!!!
September 10, 2010, 4:30 pm
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Right after the Fire started

A small fire quickly turned into intense flames crawling up the sides of mountains surrounding the city of Boulder, Colorado. Many residents have had to flee their homes according to police and thousands are on immediate evacuation watch. The flames were 40% contained as of yesterday but the winds are due to pick up to a higher degree today. I have a lot of friends attending Colorado University and they are also on watch to determine if classes will get cancelled as the fire inches closer to the city. The sad story is how fast this story happened. Many people were caught off guard as they had to choose quickly what items meant the most to them before their house was leveled by scorching hot flames. A man was prosecuted for crossing over the police line 3 different times in search of his three cats which he had to leave behind in his house. The house didn’t make it. I cant imagine being put in a situation when you have less than 2 hours to quickly and efficiently decide what items mean the most to you and what items have the potential for total destruction.

Obviously this is news, Alex. Is there anything you would add to the story? Anything about the story you don’t see being reported that should be? I like your last observation. That would make for a nice feature: What are people taking with them?

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