Crouching Tiger

The Mother going to the Yu residence to figure out some information about the killer of the police man.  As she sits down with Mrs. Yu and her daughter, she very quickly realizes that  the thief who took the sword is in fact the daughter.  The female mercenary subliminally tells the daughter that she knows it that she stole the sword, and that there will be consequences.  This was all happening while Mrs. Yu was sitting there, blindly drinking her coffee.

2 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger

  1. You are on track. The girl is also told to return the sword. My question still is – why does the girl catch the cup??

  2. I believe the subliminal message she sends is a good understanding of the clip because by dropping the cup the thief had the reflexes to catch the cup. The daughter had better reflexes then any normal person meaning the girl had to be the thief because she caught the cup without even flinching.

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