This article discussed the researching area of memory and the brain. It suggested many different solutions to forgetting tragic events. From simply talking it out to taking different types of drugs. A few points that I found interesting were the talking it out part; I had a tragic event happen to me and talking it out didn’t work. I guess that is why the article showed various ways of “forgetting.” It just points out that all people deal with events in different manners. Also, only certain ways work for certain people. I found, too, that the fact that there was a compound researchers found. That the act of remembering will possibly be a choice in the near future. So with this in the process of growing, research in this area should keep advancing positively.

3 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. Talking problems out helps for me, so I agree that different things work for different people. What do you think about the advancement of compounds to create a pill that allows people to forget?

  2. I think the best point that you made in your blog is that this area of research is rapidly increasing and the discoveries being made are extensive. Do you think that any major changes will occur over the next few decades on erasing pieces of memory from our minds or even longer lengths of time like history based events like war or rape victims?

  3. So….this really has absolutely nothing to do with our honors class, but I know that you’ve had a really bad day today and I feel bad that I wasn’t able to be there for you because I had baseball. Just know that I’m here for you and I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with you the past few days. I hope they continue happening because that would make me pretty happy.

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