The Future of Chocolate

1) Summary: Of course, we all know that chocolate is an extremely favorable treat. Therefore, it is safe to say that the demand for it is growing. This articles points states that chocolate is derived from cocoa powder made from seeds of the cacao tree. From there it goes on to point out that the cacao tree is under threat from surrounding factors. For example, climate change and pests are threatening this precious tree. However, researchers and scientists are focusing on helping this fragile tree through selective breeding, farmer education, and novel planting, irrigation and pest-management techniques. 2) I am a huge fan of chocolate and to find out that it is at risk of not existing anymore frightens me. I mean, I’m sure someone in the world would find a substitution. However, it would not ever taste the same as real chocolate. I believe farmer education alone would help greatly in helping the cacao tree. So when putting all these methods and techniques together, the cacao tree would be able to “last” longer than predicted.