FreeBSD sound

Whoa – the FreeBSD project finally got nVidia drivers for the AMD_64 platform (which I require). Back to old trusty after 1 1/2 years apart. My SP/DIF complaints? sysctl hw.snd.default_unit=2. Done.

Linux Sound

(Or the lack thereof)… Ugh, I use SP/DIF output for my workstation audio. Linux makes selecting this interface one of the most difficult and tedious tasks I’ve seen yet.

But it’s nice to have sloppy focus, two clipboards, rdesktop, ssh, and my xterm back.

Fuel Economy

Gas Mileage, MPG, is one of my pet peeves. It is a remarkably unhelpful figure since it tells nothing of a vehicles actual efficiency.


A 80,000 lb semi-truck can pull at 8 miles/gallon.

That’s 10,000lb per gallon per mile (pgpm)…

My 1999 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton truck? 16 mpg. It weighs 4,248 lbs.

That’s 265.5 lb per gallon per mile…

Why can my truck that weighs roughly 9/160th of a semi not get 160/9 of the gas mileage (142.222… miles per gallon)?

Even if my figures are horridly off that puts me in the lower range of 71MPG if I’m off by half, 35MPG if I’m off by four. I get neither.


Google Droid

Just acquired a Motorola Droid telephone from Verizon. Ideally this will be as useful for work as it is for play. I’ve already loaded some useful apps on it that may help substantially with my on-call-ness.

AIMS Destroyed by fire..?

Oh, I had the worst nightmare. AIMS was consumed by fire in my presence and without backups.

Whew, I promptly changed the tape this morning when I came in.