Mp3’s and blog posts.

Word on the street is that Morningsiders would like to embed MP3 files in their posts.

This sounds like a cool idea, so I’ve sat down and see that WordPress can already do something like this:


Sounds good. How to do it?

Step 1, have a mp3 file. =) That’s easy.

Step 2, choose “Upload/insert” from the post screen.
The Upload/Insert icon

Step 3, choose your mp3. Enter some details about it and select enter into post.

Step 4, enjoy.

There is a difference between performing a calculation and solving a problem. I’ve been considering the equation of a circle, . Except, you see, that’s not the entire thing. There’s a bit that we’ve dropped because it’s  zeroes (and therefore doesn’t affect our equation): . This equation contains the full information–everything that is necessary to draw and position […]


  1. How is this different from Anarky (sp)?